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Friday, September 26, 2008

Important is only when confines between words and real meanings complete open.

Yes, I prefer Shivayoga philosophy, which exact show me in each philosophy and thinking "what this have with God".
Short: God is Father, Son, Mother and God Will - each religion, philosophy, living, thinking this touch on any way - and soul must be open to accept different attributes, which probably on the better way describing each part of God.
For example: each Avatar is reflecting from same Source - we have different Avatar doctrines, but truth can be only this. In this doctrines we can find bad base and good base, and on this way we finding better knowing any real info about any touching to God.

Important is only when confines between words and real meanings complete open.

Life not in difference, life in finding and follow crucial points which valid for all. This is real life as real religion, philosophy and thinking.

With knowing details which specific only for any teaching is way for lose contact with our nature, and this valid every time when accept nothing what not for each soul, being, real thinking, or what not truth for all.

We today have many rules, but with this rules never can't find way to God.

Rules not higher of God, and never can't open nothing which became enter in higher regions.

Rules is only lower part of world.

Source beyond rules is real goal, as matrix for all what help to find way to truth.

Word and meaning not for using, for uses is became conciousness which coming beyond deep peacefulness regions which follow this word, or this suggested meaning. This is only one way in real teaching.

Not accept word or meaning, comment, discuss - only what coming from your intuition about this is real.

If nothing not deep inspire you on the better doing, thinking and speaking, please never not used this.

Soul way not in searching details, soul way is only in giving all what is deep similar, all what is only from base as source deepest inspirations.

Important is only when confines between words and real meanings complete open.

May God Bless Your Soul

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Divine Giving Through Shivayoga

Divine Giving Through Shivayoga

When soul do little very little in one good direction, open many good directions much deeper then soul can expect and know before - God always surprise soul with this divine giving.

God awarded soul for each enter in conciousness with much deeper possibility for this.

Realized Guru or Person of Radiant Light of Supreme Light is Divine Guider for soul and Divine Giver

Linga of Radiant Light Of Supreme Light is His Divine Aura.

Supreme Light Of Light is One, with Person of Radiant Light of Supreme Light, and with Divine Person Of Dynamic Light Of Supreme Light which always nonseparate in this two inseparable in Divine Light.

May God Bless You


Quotes about Shivayoga (or) - Drishti Yoga - Yoga of Divine Light - Samyama Yoga - Piyusha Yoga - Prachina Yoga - Old Yoga

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Godrealization not in years practice, realization in Guru Grace

Topic is:
Extremely emergently is Guru Padodaka (living in Guru Grace)!

Godrealization not in years practice, realization in Guru Grace

Guru Grace reduce time soul's practice on the minimum.
Goodrealization is only open when character became perfect.
Godrealization is only open when divine quality is main attributes soul.
Godrealization is only open when complete lower nature became higher.
Godrealization is only open when soul realized union with Guru, Linga and Jangama.
Goodrealization is only open and only finish through Guru Grace (or phrase: seating near Guru feet).
Godrealization is process through non denumerable levels conciousness, and soul can't posses without Grace Great beings which equivalent with this level.
Goodrealization is only open when soul finish 218 steps Divine Concentration (many from this steps have non denumerable levels conciousness).
Godrealization is Lingaangasamarasya (union Linga/God and anga/soul in Shivayoga philosophy) or Shivajivaaikya (Union Shiva/God and jiva/soul in yoga philosophy).
Guru Grace open and give human soul which created from 49 invisible rays (7x7 with different combinations intensity for each soul) enter in non denumerable deeper conciousness.

May God Bless Your Soul

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Follow only God, not unrealized Gods, Goddesses and Gurus

Follow only God, not unrealized Gods, Goddesses and Gurus

Dear All,

Never pay anything for spirituality, because who ask or pay go to hell - cash never can't be greater or equal (or in any relation) then God!
Only God not asking and expect anything from soul, from all others you must follow karma. In this group is many Gods, Goddesses, Gurus, because truth is: only few godrealized Gods, Goddesses and Gurus we have.

Only godrealized Guru (only real Paramguru, Satguru, Master) is valid teacher to God, and which never get nothing for this greatest service.

God or Paramashiva or Lord Shambhu or Master is first Gurudev (Mula Guru, Adi Guru) and without His help others Gurus can't help soul in complete achieve on each step of spiritual realization.

Only God is real owner each part of creation, but He never get anything from anybody, because He is and giving, giver and gift, and soul can deepest accept this in own conciousness through very simple way which initial start is with mental repeating "Om Namah Shivaya" in process when gazing Linga (or God), or practice Shivayoga technique.

Shivayoga process through identification (union) with God or Linga, or process where soul heartily giving own mind God, have greatest result and soul became similar with giving, giver and gift.

Life and spirituality became Great when soul give all God, and then God real guide soul. Why you not follow this simplest way?
Always simplest truth is: God never take up anything from anybody (only through His Grace help soul for resolve bad points).
Own ego is very dangerous evil if you thinking on the other way about this.

Surrender only to God is goal, and then God guide!

May God Bless your Soul

Jai Shambhu

Friday, September 05, 2008

Truth and Will

Short about topic:

Truth and Will

Only one goal is: subject and object became same, all involved only in One Conciousness where haven't distinction between "highest level static state of conciousness" or truth, and "highest dynamic presentation about all this truth" (highest shakti principles which not separable from own source).

Principle Of Highest Dynamic as fastest principle of conciousness can't separated from Deepest Static Principles Of Conciousness.

Principle Of Deepest (Highest) Static State of Conciousness is source Principle of Deepest (Highest) Dynamic State Of Conciousness.

Principle Of Truth, involved expression this Truth (or part of Truth) on each level.

Principle Of Truth as One is enough, because One became source all through Second (which is only expression of One).

One is (became) Two.

Lingaangasamarasya or Shivajivaaikya.

This complete deepest natural way living with Our Source, involved in Shivayoga practice through simplest gazing in three types Lingas: Kriya, Prana and Maha!

May God Bless Your Soul


Friday, August 08, 2008

Greatest of love

Few words about:

Greatest of Love

Soul must start from scratch living complete without any link in each moment of life.
You probably know truth, but you always must go in next stages through many small steps on this way.
Not good connection with past, and this is good result of soul real life school, soul always must try and start live in now, or in pure conciousness, or became like perfect phoenix in each situation which is only fire (which never can't touch soul).

Absolute love nobody can't destroy and make smaller.

Love is like Divine Wood, which nobody can't destroy, and after each fire wood became greater, and not only as Phoenix born again and again, Love each time became much powerful beyond all words and all action can't touch Love, which is always superior any action.

And after any woodman action Divine wood only became thick-set and much more beautiful then any idea.

Only on this way is acceptable truth about love.

May God Bless Your Soul


Tandavans dance is divine beautiful life which give us all and in advance and at once.

Dear friend!!!!!!!!

Tandavan's dance is divine beautiful life which give us all and in advance and at once.

Please accept eight August 2008 as this day, as start day our much better life!

This potential new start isn't outside, this is inside you

May God Bless Your Soul


Divine Cutting

Now, I add few words about Divine Cutting!

Divine Cutting

Next words not only for you! I write you about my lifes and my living which gave me only good direction.
Good giving is good, but when people not changes, this people must wait much more then them thinking for good time for his spiritual lifes. This is next karma, which only through yoga can resolve, and this next karma is answer for this people.

We many times live with situation which always repeating, we give maximum heartily what can in this situations, but because nothing changes inside people (and this situation repeating much more then 490 times) we must break with our good efforts on this way with this people.

Divine Cutting is Distance with deeper love, and this is only one way for help self (soul) and other soul.

When I cut, I cut very fast with good only around my soul! I enter in these divine processes which give me in previously lifes my God, Gurudev and Jangama: Krishna Babaji, Mula Guru, Adi Guru, Master, Father, Christ, Mahaavatar Babaji, and this is Paramparashiva which lived many times on the Earth as Father and Son and Gurudev and Jangama!

Thanks Dearest for your permanent and supreme help and support and unsurpassed blessings.

With heartily greetings with Adriatic Sea


Meeting With Almighty

Meeting With Almighty

1. Part of Bhakti (Kriya Shakti present as outside form of God's action or Almighty Love) - Bhakti state of Shivayoga

Higher Tears became fullness Happy Happiness (ananda or bliss) when finish with develop five concentrations of conciousness (dharana) of Body (feeling), Life (willing), Mind (cognition), Intellect (intuition) and "Possibility of any form" (execution state of conciousness). These processes start when finish with sixth stage concentration of soul as potential result this anandas. What we have now this is base for enter in deeper and deeper process through develop six meditations and samadhis (Samyamas or Divine concentrations).
Tears of Happiness as first full "conciousness avouchment" which realized through of base awake conciousness, which complete impregnate with Kriya Shakti.
Body, Life, Mind, intellect and "possibility of any form" haven't nothing in this Tears, because this five is outside forms of different rough filters of inner conciousness, but this Tears can do all and create, heal,.., each body, life, mind, intellect and "possibility of any form".
Like parachute mind is, when open then in function is, when have content then only very small part of soul live, because then can't have realization of much greater soul's part of conciousness. Mind isn't greater then full conciousness, and only present small part of conciousness.
Conciousness is One, and this coming through many steps or very exclusive in one complete step. Real nature in first 31 tatvas dramatically reducing conciousness as only small parts of One conciousness. This 31 type tears is only smallest parts or of happiness or of different type pain.
Only last five tatvas is present States of Tears Of Happiness. One way is, only through conciousness enter to conciousness. In this isn't any form pain, because in pure can't be impure (or better say in all conciousness not separation, but part of one conciousness is piece conciousness as result separation)! Impure exact meaning part of pure, or goal is recognized this, all is only part of One Conciousness.
Tears of Happiness is first state of integration conciousness to supra conciousness or turiyatita, through turiya or the fourth state beyond waking, dreaming and deep sleep; ever present and unchanging witness-Consciousness.
Shivayoga is base and of Taraka-Raja-Yoga system in India (Advayatarakoyoga Upanishad is one knowing source instructions).
Shivayoga is base and of doctrine "Taraka Brahman" (principle between Sarguna and Nirguna Brahman) and give enter in deeper regions of conciousness. Concept of Linga is highest knowing form and involved both, and Sarguna and Nirguna forms of conciousness.
Shivayoga is base and of Trataka Yoga which is best cleaning method in Ashtanga Yoga. Highest Trataka is Trataka of God or Linga or One Conciousness!
Shivayoga is base and of each Superior teaching of full conciousness and technique which give this highest yoga as result.
Shivayoga is complete represent Tandavan doctrine - Linga is exact this form of Eight principles of conciousness. Many good sadhakas (student Shivayoga) see Tandavan when look in Linga!
Shakti can't be separate from Shiva, this is crucial point, or Shiva is "Shakti and Shiva" at once (in each types time). Nothing without Shiva and each Shakti must accept this very simple truth as base for all. Shakti is only emanation of Shiva, like beautiful explanation about 16008 Krishna nadis as His 16008 Shaktis. Soul crucial static part is Shiva aspect (static conciousness or truth doctrine) which not separate from God Will or Shakti aspect (principle of dynamic conciousness).
Through States of Tears Of Happiness soul receive all divine benefits, and best health through complete pure conciousness life. Only through this direct divine way soul became complete supreme of all 36 tatvas.
Highest soul is beyond and conciousness separation on any way (this is and highest soul's divine potential)!
All ten principles conciousness of Doctrine 10 Avatars present in this process which start with opening States of Tears Of Happiness. First is Deepest One as base Our Source, and then through Grace open all next eight principles/states of conciousness.
Shivoham Shivoham Shivoham

He Prabho Praseed Aum (O God Bless Soul)
Om Namah Shivaya (All is God's and God)


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Today is Swamijis birthday

Dear All,

Second August 1909 is birthday H.H. Mahatapasvi Shri Kumaraswamiji (1909-1995).

I send heartily greetings on our great day to Swamiji and all Swamiji's devotees, and greatest thanks Swamiji for all, and special for giving wonderful secret knowledge of Shivayoga and Prarthana Yoga As Higher Yoga Teachings!

He Prabho Praseed Aum

Om Namah Shivaya


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Do you ask self, where in this your resolving all is God, and how you then find God?

Do you ask self, where in this your resolving all is God, and how you then find God?

Do you ask self, why words disturb you?
Do you ask self, what is bad when words disturb you?
Do you ask self, what is good when words disturb you?
Do you ask self, which is perfect way for skip (no touch) words which disturb you?
Do you ask self, do good words greater then you?
Do you ask self, do any words greater then you?
Do you ask self, do any silence greater then you?
Do you ask self, which is perfect way for skip (no touch) words which not disturb you?
Do you ask self, how find way to God?
Do you ask self, which is shortest way to God?
Do you ask self, why God give bad?
Do you ask self, how God inside all this, where is you in this if God in this?
Do you ask self, which distinction between you and God, your probably think I am perfect and haven't nothing with bad or like God inherent in all, or your probably know all, and each start and end and points between?
Do you ask self, how are resolve any connection with bad?
Do you ask self, how are resolve any connection with anything?
Do you ask self, where in this "your resolving all" is God, and how you then find God?

May God Bless You

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blue lighted light

Blue lighted light

Beautiful lighted light***

All is divine blue

Emergence with finest deepest radiant lighted white

Whited white find inside blue but whited white is always outside

What in this is Linga (One conciousness)

What in this is Guru (Divine Personal Radiant Conciousness)

What in this is Jangama (Divine Personal Dynamic Conciousness)

Ring in right ear lift me up head and I became dust under Guru padodaka

My heart became open and all find place inside

I fly higher, teardrops coming and outgoing, all time I only want God

I try go through this and all dissolve step by step in changes lights, sounds

Light which coming from immense distance and which inseparable close

And Om from all direction, without start and end, without any number connected - interminable Om

All wear off

I now want and next and knock to door Satya Loka, I want enter permanent for all time and finish with reincarnations

I want go and deeper through all higher levels which beyond Satya Loka

I know this, and please you remember only next, each of all of this not possible without Guru Love and Gurudev help

Shivoham Shivoham Shivoham

***Blue lighted light inseparably with whited white

May God Bless Your Soul


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three and half as Linga

Three and half as Linga

When have circle (usually we can on this symbolic way present God), we can make rotation through opposite points circle for 180 (half rotation), then have two circles when this two points touch direct through next rotation 180 (half). Now have two circle in one circle in one complete rotation from 360! In next rotation this circle we have four circles in one circle, and in next rotation we have eight circles in one circle. This three rotations and eight circles (each circle present principle of conciousness) in One circle is Highest Principle which as and Eight Principles in same time. Now is crucial point. We have half rotation more. What all time is static and complete inside, have dynamic form through which only we can know about this static. Simple saying is: last half rotation present inside as outside.
In three and half have all static principles conciousness, and outside dynamic form is three and half presentation same. This is exact Linga!

May Shambhu Bless Your Soul

Quotes about higher yoga - Shivayoga.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sacred meaning of 108 As Number Divine Vibrations Of Divine Tetrahedron

Topic is meaning number 108.

Sacred meaning of 108 As Number Divine Vibrations Of Divine Tetrahedron

Sacred meaning of 108 as Number all independent Vibrations Of Perfect Tetrahedron on the Physical, Psychic, Sat-chit-ananda levels, and for Divine Tetrahedron

One very excellent and very beautiful meaning is: 108 ways guide to heart, or, on the 108 ways conciousness moment and conciousness stream open conciousness point, and then have potential for enter in conciousness.

One point in Three-Dimensional Space have three coordinates.
Each vibration of one point in Three-Dimensional Space definite with three points: first, middle and last, or 3x3= 9 coordinates.
Tetrahedron have 4 points, or 12 coordinates.
Each coordinate in Perfect Tetrahedron is independent and then vibration each coordinate present with 9 coordinates. 12 coordinates of four points, and 9 coordinates of vibration one point is 12x9 = 108. 108 present number vibrations one Tetrahedron. About physical we can have maximum 108 types experiences (108 bhuvanas).

Like Physical Tetrahedron we have Psychic Tetrahedron. Four different psychic moments make one Psychic Tetrahedron. Psychics Space have coordinate: tamas, rajas and satva. On the complete analog way 108 is total number vibrations of Psychic Tetrahedron in psychic space

When we lose lower nature and enter in Sat Chit Ananda or Higher Nature or in conciousness stream, then 108 is total number vibrations in Conciousness. Then lose Psychic and became Divine.

Four Divine points of God is: Father, Son, Mother and Divine Will (Lower Nature). This is Divine Tetrahedron which on analog way have 108 Divine Vibrations.
When complete recognized divine moment (enter in conciousness stream) in each of 108 vibrations we open for enter in Conciousness, which then can step by step completed.
This Divine Vibrations involved holy Linga, and help us through praxis Shivayoga.

Few sayings more about Truth as only one way:

Repeat mantra 108 times (minimum).
Earth is complete divine, all is divine, but each soul must alone recognized this (without higher Guru this is not open, because first through Guru's Grace soul must receive this as goal).
Way is from conciousness of Physical, Psychic, Sat-chit-ananda to total conciousness.
When each (from 108) coordinates is conciousness moment or conciousness stream, then only this is "one way".

May God Bless Your Soul With One From 108 Conciousness Way To God


Quotes about higher yoga - Shivayoga.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Om Namah Shivaya Meditation Mandala Gold Cosmic Flower 1

Om Namah Shivaya - Meditation Mandala - Gold Cosmic Flower 1

Topic is short about this mandala!

Shiva say: Find me beyond form.

Greatest is God in all.
Greatest is God Name.
Greatest is Om.
Greatest is Nam.
Greatest is Mam.
Greatest is Shim.
Greatest is Vam.
Greatest is Yam.
Greatest is God's Grace (which give all).
Greatest is God Love.

With Parampara Guru or Satguru blessings devotee repeating "Om Namah Shiva Ya" enter through Brahmarandhra beyond bindu chakra. This is enter in higher chakras then sahasrara.

Shortest generally about mandala/jantra/symbolic form:
Central invisible point of mantra/jantra is 9. part and this is enter beyond causal world (supracausal,..). Of course this is spot inner light which perform mandala/jantra!
Devotee can see Deva in form, subtile form, or without form when deva is entity highest levels.

May God Bless You Soul

Friday, June 06, 2008

Sacred Meaning of Triple six is Samyama

Sacred Meaning of Triple six is Samyama

Fourth** state of conciousness is Samyama.
Samyama or Divine (Higher) concentration is triple: dharana, dhyana and samadhi.

6 levels of conciousness**** give 6 types dharanas, dhyanas and samadhis - and together in all combinations this is real meaning triple six.

(6) dharana X (6) dhyana X (6) samadhi

Six levels in creation - Six day creation - Six levels of conciousness - Hexagram - Triple six - Samyama

Three levels of consciousness is concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) and samadhi (state where the aspirant is in one conciousness with the object of his meditation).

First (and all time) is One Conciousness (God, Atman, Our Source, Father, Shiva, Krishna, Christ conciousness,..)
1. (First level/day is:)
Union conciousness without first reflection - when have only one conciousness without any other separation.
Execution Conciousness or first reflection - give potency all reflections conciousness in lower level or this is enter in union.
Intuition Conciousness or next reflection - have potency all reflections conciousness in lower level or this is enter in execution/union.
Cognition Conciousness or next reflection - have knowing all reflections conciousness in lower level or this is enter in intuition/execution/union.
Willing Conciousness or next reflection - have characteristics all reflections conciousness in lower level or this is enter in cognition/intuition/execution/union.
Feeling Conciousness or next reflection - have feeling of all reflections conciousness. which as particles conciousness have exact role in coming new conciousness stream from higher levels, or for resolving knowing this as smallest parts of conciousness) or this is enter in willing/cognition/intuition/execution/union.

Comeback in one conciousness is strict order from 6. to 1. Sadhaka/aspirant must follow and find base each reflection conciousness through completing 36 steps/Samyamas.

I open new topic "Sacred Meaning".
Real meaning change time, different mind and intellect power and through outside words which people used for described, people lose (through time) truthful value. And Shivayoga have similar history, in which few times recoveries truth about technique, and Shivayoga today have variations which is only small parts Shivayoga.

You probably know next: for protect knowledge only for small group (from old time in many religion/teachings) give in public few wrong meanings and change on this subtile way masters documents - on this way we lose contact with crucial points, and then only have mental disturbance and usually blocks if follow this teachings.
Usually we have many details about same topic. People have tendency for say old value on new way, and then we lose crucial meaning which is very simple.

Quotes about higher yoga - Shivayoga.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Jnana Mudra (meditation outside form)

Jnana Mudra

There are two alternatives:

One position is called Jnana Mudra. Keep your right hand on the right knee and left hand on the left knee, keeping the palms turned up. Let the tip of the index finger touch the tip of the thumb with a slight pressure between them. Keep the other fingers straight. Thumb must be outside few millimeters, can't be in equal outside position with index finger. Index finger inside touch thumb - index finger present individual conciousness, and thumb present universal or higher conciousness which is always (and in meditation through hand position must be) higher. Of course soul (as individual conciousness) is smaller then One Conciousness or God. Logical explanation and is: two nadis on the centre index finger and on the centre thumb must be in direct touch when want properly use this mudra.

The alternative position is called Brahma Mudra. Keep both the hands on your lap one above the other by keeping the palms upturned. Let the left palm remain under the right one.
One good video link is
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ7PAUlRNSM - look 1:18 - 1:33 of Brahma Mudra variations.

Keep your eyes softly closed (without thinking, memory, visualization).
Concentration (way though conciousness) through middle eyebrows (depend of type meditation can be and on the neck, or heart, or ..) on the bindu (inner light forms) and nada (inner sounds forms on the right side). Each bindu have deeper subtle higher level and each nada (shabda) have deeper finer higher level, and this is only one and real way highest meditations.

Have higher chakras up sahasrara (sahasrara is main in causal/material part of world), and this is way for develop and realized all this levels.

Bhakti as pure conciousness with Guru love through Grace is absolute dominant point in this higher practices real yoga (which start up sahasrara chakra).

Om Namah Shivaya

Quotes about higher yoga - Shivayoga.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol fourth part, short about symbol Kudu

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol fourth part, short about symbol Kudu


I hope you can very easy accept next two facts.

Crucial is what intuition have for answer, not what write in books or say any authority (I prefer only direct knowledge, or only what permanent have in conciousness as outside part non omitted conciousness).

Today we have more then 95% wrong tradition rules, and this rules can't show us Our Source, only give control this people which spread this type rules.

Do you know real manning very old symbol kudu? I find only few times in India this older symbol writing on walls few homes.
This symbol is complete describing nature of God (this is one from oldest symbolic picture of Shivalinga). Two triangles present lower nature and higher nature, tangent (line) present Son and point (circle) present Father. God not Trinity, God is Trinity and God Will (Lower Mother - lower nature - static triangle). This is very old real meaning of Shiva Linga or God, oldest then any book and knowledge.

OOXOOOOOX - Higher Mother - Holly Spirit
OOOXOOOX - Parashakti
OOOOXOX - Sat-chit-ananda
OOOXOOOX - Lower Mother - Divine Will
- Tamas-rajas-satva
OXOOOOOOOX - Proton-Electorn-Neutron

Father make Son through Higher Nature in Lower Nature. Through changes Lower nature in Higher Nature, and then through Higher Nature Son became Father.

Now we can see deepest reality: very mportant Great Parashakti is Goddess (many call She God) as inseparable His part!

I write about main meaning Shiva Linga, but today in books and dictionaries main meaning is complete wrong, of course Shivalinga is and universal form and people can accept as want. We have many old cults, old books which spread very partial knowledge, but truth is: through sex we can't do nothing, problem is resolve intention for sex.

One way is accepting and much deeper value in life, what India have much more then all countries together.

Warm Regards

Bibliography is book: "Technique of Opening Third Eye" - second chapter. Author is one from few Parmapara Gurus 20 century last Master of Shivayoga (which name in Veda time is Old Yoga) H.H. Mahatapasvi Shri Kumaraswamiji (1909-1995) - Karnataka, Dharwad, Tapovana

Monday, May 19, 2008

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol third part, short about Three Lingas

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol third part, short about Three Lingas

Three main Lingas we have.


First is material form which usually call Linga. Shiva, Kriya, and Ishta is older names for this outside or material form. We have and few parts of one very holy Linga in Kaaba which have and next two deeper forms)!
Today have many cults which haven't real knowledge about inner form and way for enter in process bhakti, jnana, dhyana - and have only parts of this knowledge because usually make only puja.
Inside each regular Kriya/Ishta linga is Shiva linga.
Kriya/Ishta Linga present form of awaking conciousness which is feeling conciousness (bhakti, pure love, first devotional state, dominant kriya shakti - any action God is love) and have and deeper level conciousness inside as willing conciousness (dominant icha shakti, love have exact real direction, or life, quality, quantity, intention,..).

Next and inner form of linga is Pranalinga.
This is Linga from inner light. Saints from old time teach people about form Linga because this great souls see "Divine soul in Linga". Divine Soul has divine aura which is exact form linga. Position of Soul which old saint see (in aura) is form Shiva Linga.
Now we have two forms in one. Outside is like sharp ball on the water (sphere which haven't part in down), and inside is form body in position watching Linga on the left palm.
Shivalinga is symbolic form: part sphere form is only symbolic form of head (haven't nothing with phallus), middle form of Shivalinga is symbolic form of left palm and higher part of body from heart/navel to neck (haven't nothing with vulva) and on palm is subtle/invisible Linga, lower part of Shivalinga is symbolic form of lower part of body from navel to legs.
Pranalinga present form of sleeping conciousness which is cognition conciousness (third devotional or bhakti state, where is dominant jnana shakti - any direct knowing is God love) and have and deeper level conciousness inside as intuition conciousness. This is point reflection conciousness on the lower states or enter in higher form (execution) conciousness which is only base reflection of intuition conciousness.


Deepest form Linga is Mahalinga.
This is very high dynamic form, with very high speed rotations and quietness (of extremely higher forms inner lights and inner sounds which is incorporate simultaneously), and all this is complete beyond mind. Very difficult find any reasonable words for intellect. Much deepest and complexes forms than in illusion when we look car which go in one direction, but all time wheels go on opposite direction. Here all forms have source or there is real place for resolve all illusions and then direct see God (or enter in complete conciousness). This extreme rotations have outside form Linga (sphere without lower part).
There where all (para, chit, ananda, jnana, icha and kriya) shaktis deepest with Shiva, became completed in One Conciousness or enter in reflection as lower conciousness.
This conciousness can abide as one conciousness on lower level as Pranalinga or as conciousness which reflected as thought in mind and intellect (or became omitted, or limited conciousness) which present as all outside forms of pranalinga.
Mahalinga present form of deep sleeping conciousness which is execution conciousness (fifth devotional or bhakti state) and have and deeper level conciousness inside as union conciousness (sixth devotional or bhakti state) when haven't separation in conciousness.

Because each of this three Lingas have two Lingas, exactly we have 6 Lingas*** or 6 levels conciousness or conciousness and five reflections. Now is open: not any creation all is only reflection, all is one conciousness, or all is One!
Real teachings is only part of this! This is and real meaning in doctrines hexagram, pentagram, and six days creation,..

Next facts

Shape of outside Linga is like shape inside Lingas which is from lights. This Linga's shape is open only through inner experiences.
When real saint call God, or better say make proper invocation to sanctify shape Linga (which made in one stone), and when properly make sanctify one small part of conciousness enter in stone, and stone became sacred. Of course and today many try make Linga, but result is very different from this what will be necessary.
Linga is from oldest teaching, and connection with this knowledge have and spread great prophet Mohammed (and today we have only few parts one from this sacred stone in Kaaba). Have doctrines which want explain God and His creation like eggs, but haven't this crucial static part or horizontal base Linga. Haven't any part under base complete invisible and static on the all levels, and when seeker truth try to find anything deeper.Shape Linga (and through original Kaaba's sacred stone) on this way teach us: God is inside all His emanation (energy, creation) as base which give all.

Original colour Linga is white in Gold / Krita Yuga, but today is black because in last period is Kali Yuga!
This black colour is originate and with colour pigment in pineal gland, which exact deep indigo colour (very close black).

Today we have many religion variations and teachings, and very probably lose many crucial points. Direct prayer to God (five prayers per day teach us God through Islam) is very simple form, but today people have many rules and variations. This is bad, through this rules nobody can't enter deeper then level which produce this rules! This is not God. When we accept deepest form which higher then any intellectual efforts, and we for this have all time direct highest God's form or Linga! This way is only intuitional way or through open heart (consciously way).

Form developed pineal gland is form Linga, now pineal gland is in rudiment state, through psychic development pineal gland became active and in bigger form like small linga (sweet cherry size).
Old syntagmas Philosophy Stone, Elixir Immortality is linga of course: linga outside, pineal gland inside body, or better say linga on all and deeper levels!

One span in front (where finish magnetic's part of aura) of forehead is lens pineal gland, for helping in develop this lens we must put in same place linga which must be full initiate for this praxis.

Pineal gland have and cells very like one type cells in eyes, or better say we can through pineal gland see one part of vibration. This is sixth sense or Intuition Eye, Third Eye (have many names in traditions).

Dear seeker truth, thanks for reading and asking, we continue.. I hope, after this few words you can find better meaning of Linga (or sacred stones with this shape).

Six Bhaktis through:

Six Lingas----------Six Angas------ Six Bhaktis

Acaralinga -------- Bhakta -------- Srddhabhakti
Gurulinga --------- Mahesa ------- Nisthabhakti
Sivalinga ---------- Prasadi ------- Avadhanabhakti
Jangamalinga ---- Pranalingi ---- Anubhavabhakti
Prasadalinga ----- Sharana ------ Anandabhakti
Mahalinga --------- Aikya ---------- Samarasabhakti

This is part of old teaching which we today call Shivayoga as perfect Bhakti Yoga - Integral Bhakti Yoga - Integral Yoga.

Bhakti is as Divine Key! Bhakti is first and last! Bhakti is all!

Only Bhakti is enough.

Om Namah Shivaya

Warm Regards

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol second part (intuition)

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol second part (intuition)

Please, first read complete first article (http://shivayog.blogspot.com/2008/05/linga-havent-nothing-with-phallic.html ) which is comment about very partial and wrong explanation meaning Linga.

Who accept Linga is phallic symbol as crucial meaning, lose truth!
When have in mind nothing without real base, this is only thinking which is very far from truth!
Who get knowledge only from book can have maximum only this book!
With wrong argument you have wrong meaning, and only probably very separately, and of course lose main meaning.

What is meaning for word "yes" in each of billions situations? Who have this dictionary!? Please live in intuition (or) in heart (or) in conciousness (or) in linga. You must complete lose knowledge and intellect, because this is limit and source all problems, and wrong knowledge of course.

What is higher then universal meaning?
Do you can accept intuition, or probably do you know how open conciousness space, which is first form of conciousness, or how look kriya, icha and jnana shakti and how they exact make form linga - I not ask Sanskrit words I ask your personal experiences - If soul haven't develop intuitional moment he can't have direct proof about real meaning linga!

Knowledge people usually can't have nothing with real meaning and direct knowing!

I can't accept arguments from book and from any authority, because I want only direct know real meaning (truthfully) and exact support and for each thought! Only in this way soul can help self for find truth.

I am hope, I not disturb you in your opinion, because you must alone change self (and lose all what "you" know) and be open for much better way and from one day heartily prefer direct understanding (intuition way).

I know what is real meaning linga, because this is my sadhana, and about this meaning not read in any book before! Of course my Gurudev confirm me this truth.
You have my personal email on the blog if want continue with real teaching or friendship!
I accept intuitional way as crucial part of life - not thinking!

Few sayings which have full potential as instruction for open this direct conciousness way or Linga form.

Seek truth in meditation, not in moldy books. Look to the sky to find the moon, not in the pond.

Persian proverb

‘The mind is like milk. If you keep the mind in the world, which is like water, then the milk and water will get mixed. That is why people keep milk in a quiet place and let it set into curd, and then churn butter from it. Likewise, through spiritual discipline practised in solitude, churn the butter of KNOWLEDGE and DEVOTION from the milk of the mind. Then the butter can easily be kept in the water of the world. It will not get mixed with the world. The mind will float detached on the water of the world.’

- Sri Ramakrishna

My Child,

You may read or discuss scripture
As much as you like.
But until you forget everything,

You will never live in your heart.

- Ashtavakra Gita 16:1

I (God) am easily attained by the person who always remembers me and is attached to nothing else.

- Bhagavad Gita 8:14

Voice heart is much greater then words on the any language!

May God Bless Your Soul


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol

I want add few words about real meaning Linga.

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol

Dear seeker of truth, first as usually please not accept this my writings on any personal way, but welcome when this is acceptable as minimum potential truthfully meaning, through which you can know much better then more then 95% writers which wrote about Linga!

Many wrong identifications we today have. One from dangerous meaning is represent Linga as phallic symbol. This is only mind correspondence and analogical (intellectual) teaching get from few cults, and haven't any connection with real meaning.
Of course real meaning have and universal attributes, but this is complete wrong identification when accept as main attribute of Linga is phallic symbol, and this is like identification one material granule sand with complete universe (with all deeper levels).

Linga present union truth and will, or Linga is perfect union static (Shiva) and dynamic (Shakti) conciousness. This two levels conciousness in every moment is in union, and this is exactly Linga.

This is highest symbol which can direct accept beyond intellectual efforts.

This is form before any form, or and first form God, or God, or form Atman, or soul. Form beyond form, support source any principle of conciousness which first must show in union, as highest equilibration moment conciousness of unity.

Linga is in same time and divine aura around Divine Person (how inside that way outside).

Absolute direct conforms is between Om and Linga!

Haven't distinction between Atman (soul which in complete union with Linga is Atman) or Om!

Haven't distinction between Shivayogi (soul which in complete union with Linga is Shivayogi) or Om!

Highest conciousness moments is form (shakti) which is always inseparable emanation static forms of conciousness (shiva) or dynamic and static principle conciousness in union!

Linga (many invisible forms have in conciousness) is complete pure form, which of course is always first in any creation!

Point on the Linga (this is real bindu in form and beyond this form) is very crucial!

This point as vertical point on the Linga, and support this meaning greatest then many teachings!

The point and Linga is beautiful perfection which always involved because Linga is support which have in one point Inner light as dynamic principle - Shakti, which emanate (or mirror on, or absorb in) Linga as inner sound as static principle - Shiva is One!

Outside as any of conciousness form Linga, inside as point which is moment conciousness, and crucial is what not distinction between point and Lingas! Many beautiful and highest direct meanings we can direct realized from this!

Outside Linga through point became inside form, this inside form through point became finniest inside form (when last form became outside),.., all forms one moment became conciousness forms and then step by step soul through this direct way lose what is illusion connected with all 36 tatvas, and what is permanent part.

First God creates all universes as Mahalinga on the left palm (Shiva through His Shakti as creator of all in conciousness). Of course, first (all) create in form union conciousness (as mahalinga), then ...(in six levels).

Hands is cradle of conciousness. Soul which practice Shivayoga became in union with Linga, which is on the left palm! Left hand can became base supra-conciousness as real conciousness state.
Process for realized invisible Lingas on left hand is open when put Ishta Linga (which is initialized for this process) on the left palm.
Very good position hands (mudra) for Prarthana yoga (Prayer) or real meditation is when put right hand to left hand on laps!

Linga is explicitly (leaving nothing to the imagination) form. Linga is complete pure form.
When complete accept Linga as "leaving nothing to the imagination" form open is enter in conciousness and deeper conciousness levels.

When follow point of Linga we haven't instruction and only through conciousness way we can continue. This is knowing as perfect or middle way in outside and inside practices.

Through complete consciousness union with Linga soul became cosciousness beyond all, because realized and lose bondage on each lower level experiences!

Complete consciousness union with Linga is perfect Mahakumbhaka (highest levels before any separation in conciousness).

Complete consciousness union with Linga is perfect Mahamoksha (highest levels totally freedom).

Complete consciousness union with Linga is Mahasiddha (highest levels realization in perfection).

Haven't nothing higher in teachings which not involved in relization unity with Linga, Guru (Divine Person Of Radiant Light), Jangama (Divine Person which live in body permanent with highest dynamic conciousnes) and Grace (Prasada).

God (His Shakti) never haven't any limit and have full potential and to enter in all and change each condition on the much much better.

Deepest Inside Is Conciousness

What is greatest then any word?
What is greatest then all world?
What is greatest then any peaceful moment?
What is greatest then any feeling moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any wiling moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any knowing moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any intuition moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any executing moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any union moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any gradation?

Conciousness is always One! This is God or realized soul. And Christ conciousness, and Father call this from past time.

May God Bless Your Soul with real knowing Linga


Monday, April 28, 2008

Meditation is beyond all activity

Few words about topic:

Meditation is beyond all activity

When soul doing, soul can do great, or little, and this depend only out of: whereby is in present moment involved of real intention to follow truth or isn't!

Next is short Zen story where these two monks decide to ask their master the ancient question of smoking and meditation...

The first monk asked : o honorable master, can I smoke when I meditate.
The master lost it, he was furious and threw him out ...

The other monk goes to the master: oh venerable master, can I meditate when I smoke.
The master said: "Of course you can meditate while you smoke..." So, I like to meditate when I dance, here at night on my deck overlooking the valley, in the rainforest in Australia, half an hour from Byron Bay, with a million stars in an endless Silence ...

Do meditator can regularly doing anything when meditate? Not, of course, because this is not meditation when in higher states (conciousness) doing any outside work.
Do meditator can meditate when smoke? Yes, meditation is as intention welcome in all what meditator doing.
Fundamentally, meditator must follow gradual way in meditation through awake, sleep, deep sleep, turiya and turiyatita states of conciousness (in all real gradual combinations first four).
If "meditation" from one time can't give freedom of many (all) doing in meditation, very very is probably, meditator isn't go into deeper state of conciousness, and very probably haven't real interest and intention for change character on the better! In many cases this "meditation" only wrong call meditation, because this "meditation" haven't nothing deep with real meditation, and this "meditation" is only outside circle of thoughts!.

Only is one reason for washing hands with water, only when water is cleaner then hands.

With rules we never can't realized states beyond rules. Best way is only through pure conciousness or satvic way, all others of course have and side effects.

If can't follow peace beyond thoughts when doing anything, meditator is usually very very far from real states of conciousness, because this peace only can became enter (outside door) of conciousness.

Like dot on the straight line, is thought as one point in flow of thoughts.
Like line on the straight line, is though in duration.
Like dot and line which is between two dot or line (which present thouight), is quietness in mind.

Like dot on the straight line, is quietness as one point in silence.
Like line on the straight line, is quietness in duration.
When nature of straight line assume quietness nature, then Guru through grace open next enter in conciousness point and line.

Like dot on the straight line, is conciousness moment present as one point in conciousness.
Like short line on the straight line, is conciousness moment which became concentration, present in conciousness.
Like line on the straight line, is conciousness moment which became meditation, present in conciousness.
Like long line on the straight line, is conciousness moment which became samadhi, present in conciousness.
When nature of straight line assume awake of feeling* conciousness nature, then Guru through grace open next enter in conciousness point and very long line.
Like very long line on the straight line as triple nature from "concentration, meditation and samadhi" conciousness moments, is perfect conciousness moment which became samyama, present in conciousness.

Like combination any dimension space and any dimension movement, conciousness is beyond all this combinations.
Like combination any form emptiness, conciousness is beyond this combinations.
Like dot, which in all outside, conciousness is in all inside.
Like silence, which in all outside, conciousness beyond all.
Like line, which is in all outside, conciousness is always first inside in all.

1. awake of feeling - Bhakti
2. awake of willing - Maheshwara
3. sleep of cognition - Prasada
4. sleep of intuition - Pranalinga
5. deep sleep of execution - Sharana
6. deep sleep of union - Aikya

This is regular order in realization complete conciousness - and in each level have 36 samyamas!

May God Bless Your Soul with much more deep conciousness moments.


Croatian translation:

Nekoliko riječi o temi:

Meditacija je s druge strane svake aktivnosti

Kada duša radi, može uraditi jako dobro, ili slabo, i to ovisi samo od: kako je u prisutnom momentu uključen realan naum o slijeđenju istine ili nije!

Slijedeće je kratka zen priča gdje su dva monaha odlučila tražiti njihovog učitelja pojašnjenje na staro pitanje o pušenju i meditaciji...

Prvi monah je upitao: o majstore vrijedan poštovanja i zadivljenosti, mogu li pušiti kada meditiram.
Učitelj je izgubio kontrolu, te ga je ljutito poslao van...

Drugi monah je nastavio dalje s obraćanjem učitelju: o uvaženi učitelju, mogu li meditirati dok pušim.
Učitelj je rekao: "dakako ti možeš meditirati dok pušiš..." Zaista, ja želim meditirati dok plešem, tu noću na mom trijemu između brda, na tropskoj kiši u Australiji, pola sata od Byron Bay-a (grad u Australiji), s milionima zvijezda u beskrajnoj tišini...

Da li onaj koji meditira može nešto raditi kada meditira? Dakako, da to ne smije, jer to nije meditacija kada u višim stanjima (svijesti) radi neku vanjsku aktivnost.
Da li onaj koji puši može meditirati? Svakako, meditacija je kao namjera dobrodošla u svim aktivnostima onog tko meditira.
U osnovi, onaj koji meditira mora slijediti postepen put u meditaciji kroz budno stanje, stanje sna, stanje dubokog sna, nadsviesno stanje i suprasvjesno stanje svijesti (u svim postepenim kombinacijama prvih četiriju).
Ako "meditacija" od jednog vremena ne daje slobodu od mnogih (svih) akcija u meditaciji, jako jako je vjerojatno onaj koji meditira nije ušao u dublja stanja svijesti i jako vjerojatno nema stvarni naum za promjene vlastitog karaktera na bolje! U mnogo slučajeva tu "meditaciju" pogrešno zovemo meditacijom, jer ta "meditacija" nema ništa s stvarnom meditacijom, i ta "meditacija" je samo vanjski krug od misli.

Samo je jedan razlog za pranje ruku vodom, i to samo kada je voda čistija od ruku!

S pravilima nikad ne možeš realizirati stanja prije pravila. Najbolji način je samo kroz punu svijest ili satvičan put, svi drugi dakako imaju i posljedice.

Ako ne može slijediti mir s druge strane misli kada nešto radi, onaj koji meditira je obično jako, jako daleko od realnog stanja svijesti, jer taj mir samo može postati ulaz (vanjska vrata) u svijest.

Poput točke na pravcu, je misao kao jedna točka u struji misli.
Poput linije na pravcu, je misao u trajanju.
Poput točke i linije između dvije točke ili linije (koje predstavljaju misao), je mir u umu.

Poput točke na pravcu, je mirnoća kao jedna točka tišine.
Poput linije na pravcu, je mirnoća u trajanju.
Kad priroda pravca poprimi prirodu mirnoće, tada učitelj kroz milost otvara slijedeći ulaz u svjesne točke i linije svijesti.

Poput točke pravca, je svijeni moment predstavljen kao jedna točka svijesti.
Poput kratke linije na pravcu, je svjesni moment koji postaje koncentracija, prisutna u svijesti.
Poput linije na pravcu, je svjesni moment koji postaje meditacija, prisutna u svijesti.
Poput duge linije na pravcu, je svjesni moment koji postaje samadhi (stopljenost s objektom), prisutna u svijesti.
kada priroda pravca poprimi prirodu budnog osjećajnog stanja svijesti, tada učitelj kroz milost otvara ulaz u svjesne točke i jako duge linije svijesti.
Poput jako dugih linija na pravcu koji ima trostruku prirodu "koncentracije, meditacije i samadhija" svjesnih momenata, je savršeno svjestan moment koji postaje samjama, prisutna u svijesti.

Poput kombinacije svakog dimenzionalnog prostora i svakog dimenzionalnog gibanja, svijest je s druge strane svih tih kombinacija.
Poput kombinacija svih mogućih praznina, svijest je s druge strane svih tih kombinacija.
Poput točke, koja je u svemu vanjskom, svijest je u svemu unutra.
Poput tišine, koju je u svemu vanjskom, svijest je s druge strane svega.
Poput linije, koja je u svemu, svijest je uvijek prva unutar svega.

1. budno osjećajno - Bhakti
2. budno voljno - Maheshwara
3. san spoznajno - Prasada
4. san intuitivno - Pranalinga
5. duboki san izvršno - Sharana
6. duboki san jedinstvo - Aikya

To je stvaran red u ostvarenju sveukupne svijesti - i svaki nivo ima 36 samjama.

Neka Bog blagoslovi tvoju dušu s mnogo više duboko svjesnih momenata.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Intuition conciousness have and two higher levels intuitions

Intuition conciousness have and two higher levels intuitions

Mystical Eye, Divine Eye or Third Eye today call Intuition Eye, but crucial point is: intuition have and two higher levels intuitions - execution must be beyond creation or intuition, and union must be beyond each execution as source all lower states of conciousness.

Real imperative for each soul is "Open The Third Eye", and best and easiest technique for this is Shivayoga!

Only through highest state of conciousness (as union state of conciousness) soul became total awareness.

Then no distinct between One Conciousness as total conciousness(awareness) or God and soul.

May God Bless Your Soul


Croatian translation:

Intuicija ima i dva viša stanja

Mistčno oko, Božansko oko ili Treće oko danas zovemo Intuitivno oko, ali osnovno je: intutivna svijest ima dva viša stanja - izvršna svijest (bez "neka bude" nema ništa) mora biti iznad kreativne svijesti ili intuicije, i svijest jedinstva je daleko iznad te izvršne svijesti kao izvor svih nižih pojavnih stanja svijesti.

Stvaran cilj za svaku dušu je otvoriti Treće oko, a najbolji i najlakši način za to je tehnika otvaranja Trećeg oka poznata danas kao Šivajoga.

Samo kroz najviše stanje svijesti (kao svijest jedinstva) duša postaje ukupna svijest.

Tada nema nikakve razlike između jedne svijesti, kao nadsvijesti ili Boga i duše.

(Moja molitva je samo)

Neka Ti Bog Blagoslovi Dušu


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chichchhakti is The Mental power, the power which generates thought!

("Thousands perfect results through Shivayoga practice")

Definition is:
Chichshakti - Shakti associated with Chit (eternal consciousness), Divine will of conscious power of God. Ichhashakti, Jnanashakti and Kriyashakti are the three parts. Chidbhakthi Bhakti.
Chichchhakti - Cicchakti (Sanskrit) [from chit thought + shakti power] Mental power, the power which generates thought.

When soul enter in deeper levels, then level realization this mental power, soul became near state of liberation or Moksha, but all this depend only of Paramparaguru's Grace which soul must first receive for achieve this mental power (and all what can potentially follow), and then can realized this mental power through truthful efforts (and all what can potentially follow).

All physical forms always have many levels and subtil physical vibrations, and this is (outside) sounds. All physical forms have physical radiation or reflection or absorption different energetic pulse. This is lights (infrared spectrum, visible spectrum, ultraviolet spectrum). This all vibrations conform or equal many thoughts, or each vibration have minimum one related thought!
Like this, inner sounds with inner lights is inner vibrations which produce inner spectrum, which is result different states thoughts of one or few chit shaktis or conciousness energies.
Like magnetic and electromagnetic fields which always in pairs and vertically live, Cicchakti can generate thought in vertically position, and then soul can enter in conciousness which is vertically to all (beyond space and time or moving). When soul can permanent reduce all disturbance (when this mental power with thoughts serve only this way in reducing disturbances), soul can enter deeper and deeper in highest levels of conciousness, and in same time accumulate this mental power.

All times when soul consciously learn how get vertically position on new form energy, soul can enter in deeper states of conciousness.

When soul operate with thoughts, each thought have and subtil vibrations (like subtil vibrations physical forms) which can produce disturbance always when soul live in conciousness states. This mental disturbance became operative only when mental power who produce thought have greater combinations chit shaktis then power chit shaktis in which can enter soul, or when thought have identical part vibrations with higher combinations chit shaktis in which can enter soul.

This outside vibrations (and lights) usually can disturb concentration, meditation samadhi or samyama states, because mind can became active with this physical impulses, and soul lose state of conciousness, or, soul get out from different conciousness states (in which live soul before this outside disturbance) when identify with thought about physical disturbance. Same valid and for mental disturbance (mental is deeper and not connected with physical levels), and same valid and for up mental level.

When complete realized all levels conciousness this disturbances can't have any effect and soul became liberated.

Disturbance can coming from this levels:

Physical level, and mental level of physical vibrations.
Physical level is physical vibrations. Mental level physical vibrations is mental vibrations physical level. Deeper is mental level physical vibrations from physical level, same valid and for conform vibrations. Feeling and willing state of conciousness, or awake conciousness contact outside with this levels.

Mental level without physical level, and mental level of mental vibrations without physical vibrations.
Mental level without physical level is mentals vibration without physical vibrations. Mental level of mental vibrations (without physical vibrations) is vibrations of mental level of mental vibrations without physical vibrations. Cognition and intuition state of conciousness, or sleep conciousness contact outside with this levels.

Level "up mental" level (when haven't mind activities), and level of vibrations level "up mental" level.
Level "up mental" level is vibrations of level "up mental" level. Level of vibrations level "up mental" level is vibrations level of vibrations level "up mental" level.
Execution and union state of conciousness, or deep sleep conciousness contact outside with this levels.

May God Bless Your Soul


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hara Hara Amarnatha Gange

Hara Hara Amarnatha Gange

(Croatian translation - hrvatski prijevod)

2x Hara Hara Amarnatha Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Kashi Amarnatha Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Hara Hara Gautami Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Kashi Gautami Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Hara, Hara Mahadeva Shambo,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
Kashi Amarnatha Gange.
Gautami Gange . . . . .Hara, Hara
Narmade . . . . . . . . . .Hara, Hara
Jata Shankare . . . . . .Hara, Hara
Parvati Pate . . . . . . . .Hara, Hara
Bom Bom . . . . . . . . . Hara, Hara

Sve ili dio možemo ponavljati (imamo različite varijacije u tradiciji pjevanja tih božjih imena).
Slijedeća su značenje tih imena Boga, pokušaj ne odvajati značenja, jer sva imena su jako duboko isprepletena i povezana.

“Ovdje postoji jedno Biće, mudraci Ga zovu mnogim imenima.”

je Bog, O Bože također je, Hara Hara je i ono najviše što je u svemu.
Hara je Šiva, kao Onaj kreator pun milosti koji sve postavlja u bolje situacije,
Hara je i Harā Bərəzaitī, legendarna planina oko koje se okreću sve zvijezde i planete,
Hara je i ime jednog od četiri sjedišta Bića, koga zovemo solarni pleksus.
Hara znači Milosni, davaoc same milosti.
Hara je Bog same ljubavi, i Njegova ljubav može dati duši sve to.

je Besmrtni Bog,
Amaranatha je i Linga* (Besmrtna Linga**),
Amaranatha je i Linga od same svijesti,
Amaranatha je i pećina od te čiste svijesti (srce).
Amaranatha je i fizička Linga od leda (koja se formira u toj pećini kao stalagmit),
Amaranatha je znači i fizička pećina***.
Amaranatha je Bog same ljubavi i Njegova ljubav može dati duši sve to.
* Linga je Bog sam koji je učinio spot kao Njegovu Božansku Rezidenciju – odnosno On je Linga i točka božanskog svjetla na njoj.
** Ta pećina je povezana s tajnom besmrtnosti ili Amar Katha. Tu pećinu je izabrao Bhole Shankar kad je otkrio tajnu besmrtosti i kreacije univezuma Maa Parvati ji.
*** Besmrtni život po stihu Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram je život koji ima tri strane Istinu (Satyam), Dobro (Shivam) i Ljepotu (Sundaram).

Gange or Ganga or Ganges
ili (na Sanskritu) Ganges, je sveta rijeka u Indiji,
Ganga predstavlja i jako cijenjene nutarnje slobodne protoke,
Ganga je i vanjski znak onog što teče od natprirodnog bića do stvari,
Ganga je i duboka nutarnja forma koja teče od božanskog carstva do materijalnog svijeta,
Ganga predstavlja okultne snage koje sadrže protoke same mudrosti i snagu koja protiče od Raja do Zemlje,
Ganga predstavlja duboku protočnu formu od svih božanskih oblika svijesti do čovječanstva,
Ganga je ideja koja od “jednog momenta na dalje” sačuva istinite vrijednosti, prije nego trajno ljudski umovi shvate realnost duhovnih svjetova i njihove bliske međusobne povezanosti s regijama fizičkog prostora i vremena.
Ganga je Bog same ljubavi i Njegova ljubav može dati duši sve to.

Kashi je najsvetije mjesto na Zemlji,
Kashi is besmrtno mjesto (jer i kraj svijeta preživljava).
Kashi je mjesto za Mokshu ili Oslodođenje (koje se zove Samyugha ili Veliko Oslobođenje) i Gangu.
Kashi je jedno od triju**** Shiva-Shakti peetha (mjesto gdje je stalno prisutan Bog i njegova energija – mjesto stalno prisutne božanske snage),
Kashi je i Bog koji vječno živi s nama,
Kashi je Bog same ljubavi i Njegova ljubav može dati duši sve to.
**** Tri Shiva-Shakti Peethas su Vishwanatha hram u Kashiju ili Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), zatim Mahakaleswara hram u Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh), i Hram Mallikarjuna Jyotir Linga.

Vishvanatha je Bog od svega univerzuma,
Vishvanatha je Bog koga zovu i Vishveshwar od Varanasi ili Kashi,
Vishhvanatha je i hram.
Vishwanatha je Bog same ljubavi i Njegova ljubav može dati duši sve to.

Gautami Gange je sveta rijeka Ganga,
Gautami Gange je sveta rijeka Ganga koje teče dolje, Bog (Shiva) je reako Gangi da ostane trajno dolje za dobrobit svih ljudi,
Gautami Gange je sveta rijeka Godavari, kraj Godavari Bog (Shiva) je prhvatio ovdje i kao svoju rezidenciju i učinio to mogućim kroz i danas jako dobro znano mjesto imenom Trimbakeshwar (Shiva čisti i ujedno čini dobro vječnim, i uništava svako zlo, i to na nebrojiv broj genijalnih načina iskaza njegove milosti prema svemu),
Gautami Gange je Bog same ljubavi i Njegova ljubav može dati duši sve to.

Mahadeva Shambo je Bog, Najviši Bog, Bog od svih Bogova, Otac, Krist Svijest, Krišna Babaji, Mahaavatar Babaji, Parameshwara (Absolut), Master (Učitelj), Bog najveće milosti i izvor najviših blagoslova i same ljubavi.

Nekoliko jednostavnih prijevoda:

Hara hara mahadeva Shambho/
Kashi vishvanatha Gange/
(Slava, slava velikom Bogu Shambhu/
Ganga rijeci koja teče blizu Vishvanatha hrama u Kashi Temple in Kashi (Benares) gradu (slava i hramu i Kashiju i Vishvanathu)/

Hare Hare Mahadeva Shambho, Kashi Vishwanatha Gange
Kashi Vishwanatha Gange ,Kashi Amarnatha Gange
Hare Hare Mahadeve Shambo, Kashi Vishnawatha Gange
Oh Bože Shiva rušitelju zla, s najvećim blagoslovima. Bog, Gospod od Univerzuma, od Benarasa, od Gange, od Kasi. Oh veliki uništavatelju zla Shiva, veliki Bože, Gospode od Kashi Benaras, od univerzuma od Gange

Uništavatelj zla (Hara), Veliki Bože (Mahadeva), Dobronamjerni koji daješ boravak u najvećoj sreći (Shambho),
Bože od univerzuma koji živiš kroz Gangu u Kashiju (Varanasi /Benares)

Pozdrav Hara Hara, Amaranatha, River Ganga,
Bogu od Kashija, Gange.
Pozdrav Hara Hara, rijeci Gautam Ganga,
Bogu od Kashi, Ganga.
Pozdrav rijeci Gautam Ganga, Hara Hara
Pozdrav rijeci Narmada, Hara Hara,
Najiskreniji pozdrav svemu što je isprepleteno sa Shivom, Hara Hara,
Najiskreniji pozdrav mužu od Parvati, Hara Hara.

Om Namah Shivaya
Je Šivina Mantra (molitva), božanskom uništavatelju svih negativnih tedencija. Šiva oslobađa kroz promjene i prevrate. Ekstremno pročišćavanje. Njegova mantra daje harmoniju i stabilnost, intuitivno znanje, integriranje uma i intelekta, jako veliku snagu u duhovnoju praksi i protekciju od negativne karma, daje sve duhovno i materijalno.

Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambho
Kashi Vishwanatha Gange

Kompletno se predajem Šivi, božanskom davacu sreće i punog uspjeha u svemu.

Ova devocijska pjesma je prekrasan božanski ključ za ulaz u božanske impulse besmrtnog života (jer to je otvoreno jedino potpunom predajom Bogu).


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hara Hara Amarnatha Gange

Hara Hara Amarnatha Gange

2x Hara Hara Amarnatha Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Kashi Amarnatha Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Hara Hara Gautami Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Kashi Gautami Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Hara, Hara Mahadeva Shambo,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
2x Kashi Vishvanatha Gange
Kashi Amarnatha Gange.
Gautami Gange . . . . .Hara, Hara
Narmade . . . . . . . . . .Hara, Hara
Jata Shankare . . . . . .Hara, Hara
Parvati Pate . . . . . . . .Hara, Hara
Bom Bom . . . . . . . . . Hara, Hara

Hara Hara Amarnatha Gange,
Kashi Vishvanatha Gange.

All or part can repeat (few different combinations have in traditions chanting this God’s names).

Next is meaning names of God in this devotional song,
try not separate this meanings because all this names is very deep interlaced and connected.

"There is one Being, the sages call him by many names."

is Shiva as the regenerator,
Hara is and Harā Bərəzaitī, is the name given to a legendary mountain around which the stars and planets revolve.
Hara is and a name for the (one of setting) center of the being or Solar Plexus.
Hara is God of pure love and His love can give soul all this.

is The Immortal Lord,
Amaranatha is and Linga* (The Immortal** Linga),
Amaranatha is and Linga of Pure Conciousness,
Amaranatha is and Cave of Pure Conciousness (Heart),
Amaranatha is and Ice Linga,
Amaranatha is and Cave***.
Amaranatha is God of pure love and His love can give soul all this.
Linga is The Lord himself has declared this spot as His Royal residence.
** This cave connected with: The secret of immortality or Amar Katha. This is The Cave which was chosen by Bhole Shankar for narrating the secrets of immortality and creation of Universe to Maa Parvati ji.
*** The Immortal Life is according to the verse Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram - the life is described as having three facets Truth (Satyam), Good (Shivam) and the Beautiful (Sundaram).

Gange or Ganga or Ganges
Ganga (Sanskrit) the Ganges, the sacred river of India,
Ganges is and highly revered streams,
Ganges is and outside sign of the flowing from spirit to matter,
Ganges is and deep inner form which flowing from celestial realms to material,
Ganges is occult forces including streams of wisdom and power flowing from heaven to earth,
Ganges or deep flowing form of Gods to mankind,
Ganges is the idea which once understood kept perennially before people's minds the reality of the spiritual worlds and their intimate interconnection with the realms of physical space and time.
Ganga is Goddess of pure love and Her love can give soul all this.

Kashi is holiest place on the Earth.
Kashi is immortal place.
Kashi is the place for Moksha or Liberation (with name Samyugha) and Ganga.
Kashi is and one of three**** Shiva-Shakti peetha (permanent live God With His Energy – fullest place of God’s strenght).
Kashi is and God which permanent live with.
Kashi is God of pure love and His love can give soul all this.
**** Shiva-Shakti Peethas are the Vishnanatha Temple in Kashi or Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), and the Mahakaleshwara Temple in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh), and Temple of the Mallikarjuna Jyotir Linga.

is the Lord of All Things,
Vishvanatha is the Lord Vishveshwar of Varanasi or Kashi.
Vishwanatha is God of pure love and His love can give soul all this.

Gautami Gange is holy river Ganga.
Gautami Gange is holy river Ganga which flow down, Lord Shiva told Ganga to stay there eternally for the good of all the people.
Gautami Gange is holy river Godavari, near Godavari Lord Shiva agreed to reside here and assumed the famous name Trimbakeshwar (Shiva is the purifier and perpetuator of good and destroyer of evil),
Gautami Gange is Goddess of pure love and Her love can give soul all this.

Mahadeva Shambo is Highest God, God of Gods, Father, Christ Consciousness, Krishna Babaji or Mahaavatar Babaji, Parameshwara, Master, Lord of Greatest Grace full with greatest blessings and Love.

Few outside translations:

Hara hara mahadeva Shambho/
Kashi vishvanatha Gange/
(Praises, praises to the great god, Shambho/
The Ganges river flows by Vishvanatha (Lord of All Things) Temple in Kashi city (Benares)/

Hare Hare Mahadeva Shambho, Kashi Vishwanatha Gange
Kashi Vishwanatha Gange ,Kashi Amarnatha Gange
Hare Hare Mahadeve Shambo, Kashi Vishnawatha Gange
Oh Lord Shiva the destroyer, great blessings. God, Lord of the universe, of Benaras, of the Ganga . Lord of the universe of the Ganga of Amarnath, of Kasi Benaras. Oh great destructor Shiva, great God, Lord of Kasi Benaras, of the universe of the Ganga

The destroyer (Hara), the Great Lord (Mahadeva), the Beneficient, the Abode of Joy (Shambho),
the Lord of the universe who lives by the Ganges at Kashi (Varanasi /Benares)

Hail to Hara Hara, Amaranatha, River Ganga,
Lord of Kashi, Ganga.
Hail to Hara Hara, River Gautam Ganga,
Lord of Kashi, Ganga.
Hail to Gautam Ganga, Hara Hara
hail to River Narmada, Hara Hara,
Hail to the matted locks of Shiva, Hara Hara,
Hail to the husband of Parvati, Hara Hara.

Om Namah Shivaya
Mantra for Shiva, the Divine Destroyer of negative tendencies. Shiva liberates through change and upheaval. Greatly purifying, his mantra gives harmony and poise, intuitive knowledge, integration of mind and intellect, great strength in spiritual practices, and protection from negative karma.

Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambho
Kashi Vishwanatha Gange

Prostrations to Shiva, grantor of happiness and prosperity.

This devotional song is (and) beautiful divine key for enter in divine pulse immortal life.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doctrine Infinity Element

Doctrine Infinity Element

Yes, dear soul, next is complete correct.

Pure love is best: and medicine, and base for meditation, and for any good think.

Through my spiritual healing and helping in yoga (more then 20 years doing this free of charge), I can speak through self experiences, but base have in my Gurudev's teachings. One very old theory exist (this became secret because people lose this crucial knowledge).

This is Doctrine Infinity Element. Have many infinity elements: and logical, and intellectual, and up this which is only crucial.

Simplest rule (rules) is in next!

Crucial is: all is categorized, and highest ideas which can't accept intellect.

We must only start do one think (in every next moment our life): start permanent live with this ideas which is up our intellect.

All have strictly hierarchy, and this Highest Ideas (which always up every intellect accepting), such and souls which complete realized this highest different levels which indicated this ideas!

Soul became through higher ideas which implement in life, like this highest souls which give soul support only through this ideas.

Only "good" terms like soul, God, love, good, ethic, truth, bhakti, devotion, consciousness, conciousness, samyama, awareness, perfect character, ahimsa, grace and similar can open and awake soul on higher levels on conciousness.

Sickness is only actual outside indication for change character on the better, and can't be any real conviction! Soul usually have 1000 reincarnations for finish with change character through all levels to perfect character. With intensive practice Doctrine Infinity Element this time became shortest, and all this soul can finish in one or few lifes, of course this result is open only through Master's love!

All real teachings is only part of Doctrine Infinity Element!

May prayer is:

May God Bless Your Soul With Direct Knowing One Of Infinity Element
He Prabho Praseed Aum


Thursday, March 13, 2008

How do I find my Guru?


Topic is:
How do I find my Guru?

Soul wait many traps when mental want find Guru.
Good is if next words soul complete heartily accept as truth, each opposite soul's thinking became potentially dangerous for souls (with very bad result through new bad karma).

Guru wait soul, never Guru must search devotee.
Devotee never can't find Guru, this complete depend only of Guru love.
Without sign Guru's love soul can start with permanent doing only good. First the meeting point between Guru and devotee is this crucial moment in soul life.

When soul ready for teaching, Guru coming in His home, or Guru arrange through one of soul interest (and) first the meeting point (of course and all next)!

As usually nobody can't find Guru.
Soul who without direct support Guru love find Guru, must be greater or minimum same with this type Guru!

Only perfect devotee can find perfect Guru, because only this the meeting point is complete divine, and only few times in history have this the meeting point! Guru usually many lifes wait only one great devotee. First the meeting point between perfect Guru Animisha and perfect His devotee Alama Prabhu is excellent example for this!

If soul only want and only insist in self-finding Guru, soul find Guru which not much greater from soul, or in many cases Guru is lower, because soul must first purify this egoistic character (of course this result can have and when not follow this text).
If soul ask miracle as good sign, this is very wrong way. Sahasrara connected with many siddhis. Sahasrara (and siddhis based in sahasrara) is higher then lower six chakras and theirs siddhis. Sahasrara is only causal worlds which is very dangerous and where dominant negative power. Soul must know next: yoga start up sahasrara. Usually today Guru have few siddhis this chakras.
If Guru want publicity, spread books, ask cash for spiritual, and similar actions, soul can only forget this Guru.
Usually Guru which public show siddhis have very difficult life and karma, and can't have realized devotee.
If Guru ask cash, or nothing, annul this Guru as potential your Guru.
If Guru show ego tendency, this is very bad sign.
If Guru haven't love for you or any His devotee, you can only forget this potential Guru.
Guru never expect anything from anybody!
Guru must have qualification for higher yoga, because yoga start from sahasrara chakra up!
If Guru your (potential) Guru is great Guru, this is usually not sign about greatness your (potential) Guru. This is trap for soul in much more then 99.99% cases.
Remember, Guru your (potential) Guru can be only your real Guru, not this His devotee which became new Guru! Guru Lineage, and first former is always Guru all next Gurus and devotees! Guru is One - valid for all, and for all Guru lineage. Our Source or God is One, and as Our Master is One!
All Gurus which change yoga, have yoga for new age, new yoga, .. and similar syntagma only you can forget.
Guru which change techniques which receive from Guru (without direct help and request from Guru) only can forget. (Because.) Guru which greater then His Guru not good for any deep teaching.
Guru must have and show all divine qualities.

If you have fortune and find real Guru, He can accept you and teach you, or send you your real Guru which can do all this. This is very good sign if know this type Guru (of course and with all previous good qualities). And this fortune soul can receive only through Guru's Grace (your Guru).

Each soul can have only related Guru.

I try only help for better accept your position through my understanding teachings my Gurudev. I incorporate many Gurudev's saying in this short article.

You can only test Guru, but (not forget) result test is only for annul potential Guru with your list (all Gurus which you know live and dead). Your test can't have qualify for determination which is your Guru, only for annul with list..

Guru is in your heart (conciousness space) and wait each soul eons, and wait you soul dear friend. Not ask Guru in form, try find Guru deepest inside your conciousness. One day you accept Divine Personal Radiant Light as your Guru, which only can give you unity with Linga, Guru, Jangama and Prasada through Guru Love, which gradually through deepest levels inner sound and light discovers fulness this unity.

I am not Guru (I have permission for Linga Diksha), but only when you heartily want I can direct give all basic informations for this excellent praxis (Shivayoga and Praarthanaa yoga). When your praxis became full love, your Guru coming first in your conciousness, and you start listen inner sounds and see inner lights.

With your good efforts you can only properly fill time in waiting your Guru, which love only can remove thousand your reincarnations on few (or last).

My prayer is:

May Lord Shambhu Bless Your Soul With Guru