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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

God, Guru and Jangama in One (through bhakti)

God, Guru and Jangama in One (through bhakti)

Good thought is greater then speaking.

Good “thought without thought” is greater then thought.

Deep silence is greater then “thought without thought”.

Pure conciousness is greater then deep silence.

Good doing is greater then prayer.

Bhakti (concentration on divine love) is greater then good doing.

Prayer with bhakti is superior from each prayer.

Prayer with bhakti is soul life.

Observation through bhakti is Soul observation.

Directed with bhakti is Soul way.

Good doing through fullness of bhakti is godrealization state.

Good doing through fullness of bhakti is Jangama (highest dynamic conciousness state).

Good doing through fullness of bhakti is Paramguru (Real Master) state.

Good doing through fullness of bhakti is God state.

Realized Shivayogi is soul which realized God, Guru and Jangama state as One.

May God Bless Your Soul

Branko Ivatovic

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Know and direct know


Know and direct know

Extremely different is between knowing (what usually call mind's or intellect’s or egoistic tendency) and direct know (soul activity) through feeling, willing, cognition, intuition, execution and union conciousness.

Difference between knowing (thought) and direct know (moment of deep conciousness) is greater then relation between photon of Sun and Sun.

Higher (real) Yoga help in achievement direct knowing, and best, and easiest way is through Shivayoga.

Shivayoga bhakti

Only integral yoga can help in permanent change base of thought activities in base of soul or pure conciousness activities, all other methods is with temporary and usually with incomplete result.


Regular soul way is through exact order from rough to subtle higher concentrations of pure conciousness (samayamas), and jumping (in this strict order) have result to comeback to unrealized lower levels of pure conciousness.

Illusion (maya tattva or 31st tattva) is last level which must soul detach and then became open enter in conciousness area.

Thought is as experiences on one of 31 level, pure conciousness soul touch through all creations of highest 5 tattvas.

Soul became open is only when start change journey of thoughts with journey through pure conciousness levels.

Higher thought is when thought penetrated / impregnated with one of pure conciousness.

Real Guru’s (Master’s, Real Teacher’s, Sat Guru’s or Param Guru’s) words is Higher thoughts.

Each reflection of Higher thought help for achievement one of higher level of pure conciousness (which not realized), and all other ways for use reflection of Higher thought haven’t result or have lover result or produce causal form (because wrong acceptation generate causal result).

He is One Conciousness in all or as all.

He is He, and He is without 'H' and 'e' and 'He'.


He is only in direct knowing He.


May God Bless Your Soul