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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol fourth part, short about symbol Kudu

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol fourth part, short about symbol Kudu


I hope you can very easy accept next two facts.

Crucial is what intuition have for answer, not what write in books or say any authority (I prefer only direct knowledge, or only what permanent have in conciousness as outside part non omitted conciousness).

Today we have more then 95% wrong tradition rules, and this rules can't show us Our Source, only give control this people which spread this type rules.

Do you know real manning very old symbol kudu? I find only few times in India this older symbol writing on walls few homes.
This symbol is complete describing nature of God (this is one from oldest symbolic picture of Shivalinga). Two triangles present lower nature and higher nature, tangent (line) present Son and point (circle) present Father. God not Trinity, God is Trinity and God Will (Lower Mother - lower nature - static triangle). This is very old real meaning of Shiva Linga or God, oldest then any book and knowledge.

OOXOOOOOX - Higher Mother - Holly Spirit
OOOXOOOX - Parashakti
OOOOXOX - Sat-chit-ananda
OOOXOOOX - Lower Mother - Divine Will
- Tamas-rajas-satva
OXOOOOOOOX - Proton-Electorn-Neutron

Father make Son through Higher Nature in Lower Nature. Through changes Lower nature in Higher Nature, and then through Higher Nature Son became Father.

Now we can see deepest reality: very mportant Great Parashakti is Goddess (many call She God) as inseparable His part!

I write about main meaning Shiva Linga, but today in books and dictionaries main meaning is complete wrong, of course Shivalinga is and universal form and people can accept as want. We have many old cults, old books which spread very partial knowledge, but truth is: through sex we can't do nothing, problem is resolve intention for sex.

One way is accepting and much deeper value in life, what India have much more then all countries together.

Warm Regards

Bibliography is book: "Technique of Opening Third Eye" - second chapter. Author is one from few Parmapara Gurus 20 century last Master of Shivayoga (which name in Veda time is Old Yoga) H.H. Mahatapasvi Shri Kumaraswamiji (1909-1995) - Karnataka, Dharwad, Tapovana

Monday, May 19, 2008

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol third part, short about Three Lingas

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol third part, short about Three Lingas

Three main Lingas we have.


First is material form which usually call Linga. Shiva, Kriya, and Ishta is older names for this outside or material form. We have and few parts of one very holy Linga in Kaaba which have and next two deeper forms)!
Today have many cults which haven't real knowledge about inner form and way for enter in process bhakti, jnana, dhyana - and have only parts of this knowledge because usually make only puja.
Inside each regular Kriya/Ishta linga is Shiva linga.
Kriya/Ishta Linga present form of awaking conciousness which is feeling conciousness (bhakti, pure love, first devotional state, dominant kriya shakti - any action God is love) and have and deeper level conciousness inside as willing conciousness (dominant icha shakti, love have exact real direction, or life, quality, quantity, intention,..).

Next and inner form of linga is Pranalinga.
This is Linga from inner light. Saints from old time teach people about form Linga because this great souls see "Divine soul in Linga". Divine Soul has divine aura which is exact form linga. Position of Soul which old saint see (in aura) is form Shiva Linga.
Now we have two forms in one. Outside is like sharp ball on the water (sphere which haven't part in down), and inside is form body in position watching Linga on the left palm.
Shivalinga is symbolic form: part sphere form is only symbolic form of head (haven't nothing with phallus), middle form of Shivalinga is symbolic form of left palm and higher part of body from heart/navel to neck (haven't nothing with vulva) and on palm is subtle/invisible Linga, lower part of Shivalinga is symbolic form of lower part of body from navel to legs.
Pranalinga present form of sleeping conciousness which is cognition conciousness (third devotional or bhakti state, where is dominant jnana shakti - any direct knowing is God love) and have and deeper level conciousness inside as intuition conciousness. This is point reflection conciousness on the lower states or enter in higher form (execution) conciousness which is only base reflection of intuition conciousness.


Deepest form Linga is Mahalinga.
This is very high dynamic form, with very high speed rotations and quietness (of extremely higher forms inner lights and inner sounds which is incorporate simultaneously), and all this is complete beyond mind. Very difficult find any reasonable words for intellect. Much deepest and complexes forms than in illusion when we look car which go in one direction, but all time wheels go on opposite direction. Here all forms have source or there is real place for resolve all illusions and then direct see God (or enter in complete conciousness). This extreme rotations have outside form Linga (sphere without lower part).
There where all (para, chit, ananda, jnana, icha and kriya) shaktis deepest with Shiva, became completed in One Conciousness or enter in reflection as lower conciousness.
This conciousness can abide as one conciousness on lower level as Pranalinga or as conciousness which reflected as thought in mind and intellect (or became omitted, or limited conciousness) which present as all outside forms of pranalinga.
Mahalinga present form of deep sleeping conciousness which is execution conciousness (fifth devotional or bhakti state) and have and deeper level conciousness inside as union conciousness (sixth devotional or bhakti state) when haven't separation in conciousness.

Because each of this three Lingas have two Lingas, exactly we have 6 Lingas*** or 6 levels conciousness or conciousness and five reflections. Now is open: not any creation all is only reflection, all is one conciousness, or all is One!
Real teachings is only part of this! This is and real meaning in doctrines hexagram, pentagram, and six days creation,..

Next facts

Shape of outside Linga is like shape inside Lingas which is from lights. This Linga's shape is open only through inner experiences.
When real saint call God, or better say make proper invocation to sanctify shape Linga (which made in one stone), and when properly make sanctify one small part of conciousness enter in stone, and stone became sacred. Of course and today many try make Linga, but result is very different from this what will be necessary.
Linga is from oldest teaching, and connection with this knowledge have and spread great prophet Mohammed (and today we have only few parts one from this sacred stone in Kaaba). Have doctrines which want explain God and His creation like eggs, but haven't this crucial static part or horizontal base Linga. Haven't any part under base complete invisible and static on the all levels, and when seeker truth try to find anything deeper.Shape Linga (and through original Kaaba's sacred stone) on this way teach us: God is inside all His emanation (energy, creation) as base which give all.

Original colour Linga is white in Gold / Krita Yuga, but today is black because in last period is Kali Yuga!
This black colour is originate and with colour pigment in pineal gland, which exact deep indigo colour (very close black).

Today we have many religion variations and teachings, and very probably lose many crucial points. Direct prayer to God (five prayers per day teach us God through Islam) is very simple form, but today people have many rules and variations. This is bad, through this rules nobody can't enter deeper then level which produce this rules! This is not God. When we accept deepest form which higher then any intellectual efforts, and we for this have all time direct highest God's form or Linga! This way is only intuitional way or through open heart (consciously way).

Form developed pineal gland is form Linga, now pineal gland is in rudiment state, through psychic development pineal gland became active and in bigger form like small linga (sweet cherry size).
Old syntagmas Philosophy Stone, Elixir Immortality is linga of course: linga outside, pineal gland inside body, or better say linga on all and deeper levels!

One span in front (where finish magnetic's part of aura) of forehead is lens pineal gland, for helping in develop this lens we must put in same place linga which must be full initiate for this praxis.

Pineal gland have and cells very like one type cells in eyes, or better say we can through pineal gland see one part of vibration. This is sixth sense or Intuition Eye, Third Eye (have many names in traditions).

Dear seeker truth, thanks for reading and asking, we continue.. I hope, after this few words you can find better meaning of Linga (or sacred stones with this shape).

Six Bhaktis through:

Six Lingas----------Six Angas------ Six Bhaktis

Acaralinga -------- Bhakta -------- Srddhabhakti
Gurulinga --------- Mahesa ------- Nisthabhakti
Sivalinga ---------- Prasadi ------- Avadhanabhakti
Jangamalinga ---- Pranalingi ---- Anubhavabhakti
Prasadalinga ----- Sharana ------ Anandabhakti
Mahalinga --------- Aikya ---------- Samarasabhakti

This is part of old teaching which we today call Shivayoga as perfect Bhakti Yoga - Integral Bhakti Yoga - Integral Yoga.

Bhakti is as Divine Key! Bhakti is first and last! Bhakti is all!

Only Bhakti is enough.

Om Namah Shivaya

Warm Regards

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol second part (intuition)

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol second part (intuition)

Please, first read complete first article (http://shivayog.blogspot.com/2008/05/linga-havent-nothing-with-phallic.html ) which is comment about very partial and wrong explanation meaning Linga.

Who accept Linga is phallic symbol as crucial meaning, lose truth!
When have in mind nothing without real base, this is only thinking which is very far from truth!
Who get knowledge only from book can have maximum only this book!
With wrong argument you have wrong meaning, and only probably very separately, and of course lose main meaning.

What is meaning for word "yes" in each of billions situations? Who have this dictionary!? Please live in intuition (or) in heart (or) in conciousness (or) in linga. You must complete lose knowledge and intellect, because this is limit and source all problems, and wrong knowledge of course.

What is higher then universal meaning?
Do you can accept intuition, or probably do you know how open conciousness space, which is first form of conciousness, or how look kriya, icha and jnana shakti and how they exact make form linga - I not ask Sanskrit words I ask your personal experiences - If soul haven't develop intuitional moment he can't have direct proof about real meaning linga!

Knowledge people usually can't have nothing with real meaning and direct knowing!

I can't accept arguments from book and from any authority, because I want only direct know real meaning (truthfully) and exact support and for each thought! Only in this way soul can help self for find truth.

I am hope, I not disturb you in your opinion, because you must alone change self (and lose all what "you" know) and be open for much better way and from one day heartily prefer direct understanding (intuition way).

I know what is real meaning linga, because this is my sadhana, and about this meaning not read in any book before! Of course my Gurudev confirm me this truth.
You have my personal email on the blog if want continue with real teaching or friendship!
I accept intuitional way as crucial part of life - not thinking!

Few sayings which have full potential as instruction for open this direct conciousness way or Linga form.

Seek truth in meditation, not in moldy books. Look to the sky to find the moon, not in the pond.

Persian proverb

‘The mind is like milk. If you keep the mind in the world, which is like water, then the milk and water will get mixed. That is why people keep milk in a quiet place and let it set into curd, and then churn butter from it. Likewise, through spiritual discipline practised in solitude, churn the butter of KNOWLEDGE and DEVOTION from the milk of the mind. Then the butter can easily be kept in the water of the world. It will not get mixed with the world. The mind will float detached on the water of the world.’

- Sri Ramakrishna

My Child,

You may read or discuss scripture
As much as you like.
But until you forget everything,

You will never live in your heart.

- Ashtavakra Gita 16:1

I (God) am easily attained by the person who always remembers me and is attached to nothing else.

- Bhagavad Gita 8:14

Voice heart is much greater then words on the any language!

May God Bless Your Soul


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol

I want add few words about real meaning Linga.

Linga haven't nothing with phallic symbol

Dear seeker of truth, first as usually please not accept this my writings on any personal way, but welcome when this is acceptable as minimum potential truthfully meaning, through which you can know much better then more then 95% writers which wrote about Linga!

Many wrong identifications we today have. One from dangerous meaning is represent Linga as phallic symbol. This is only mind correspondence and analogical (intellectual) teaching get from few cults, and haven't any connection with real meaning.
Of course real meaning have and universal attributes, but this is complete wrong identification when accept as main attribute of Linga is phallic symbol, and this is like identification one material granule sand with complete universe (with all deeper levels).

Linga present union truth and will, or Linga is perfect union static (Shiva) and dynamic (Shakti) conciousness. This two levels conciousness in every moment is in union, and this is exactly Linga.

This is highest symbol which can direct accept beyond intellectual efforts.

This is form before any form, or and first form God, or God, or form Atman, or soul. Form beyond form, support source any principle of conciousness which first must show in union, as highest equilibration moment conciousness of unity.

Linga is in same time and divine aura around Divine Person (how inside that way outside).

Absolute direct conforms is between Om and Linga!

Haven't distinction between Atman (soul which in complete union with Linga is Atman) or Om!

Haven't distinction between Shivayogi (soul which in complete union with Linga is Shivayogi) or Om!

Highest conciousness moments is form (shakti) which is always inseparable emanation static forms of conciousness (shiva) or dynamic and static principle conciousness in union!

Linga (many invisible forms have in conciousness) is complete pure form, which of course is always first in any creation!

Point on the Linga (this is real bindu in form and beyond this form) is very crucial!

This point as vertical point on the Linga, and support this meaning greatest then many teachings!

The point and Linga is beautiful perfection which always involved because Linga is support which have in one point Inner light as dynamic principle - Shakti, which emanate (or mirror on, or absorb in) Linga as inner sound as static principle - Shiva is One!

Outside as any of conciousness form Linga, inside as point which is moment conciousness, and crucial is what not distinction between point and Lingas! Many beautiful and highest direct meanings we can direct realized from this!

Outside Linga through point became inside form, this inside form through point became finniest inside form (when last form became outside),.., all forms one moment became conciousness forms and then step by step soul through this direct way lose what is illusion connected with all 36 tatvas, and what is permanent part.

First God creates all universes as Mahalinga on the left palm (Shiva through His Shakti as creator of all in conciousness). Of course, first (all) create in form union conciousness (as mahalinga), then ...(in six levels).

Hands is cradle of conciousness. Soul which practice Shivayoga became in union with Linga, which is on the left palm! Left hand can became base supra-conciousness as real conciousness state.
Process for realized invisible Lingas on left hand is open when put Ishta Linga (which is initialized for this process) on the left palm.
Very good position hands (mudra) for Prarthana yoga (Prayer) or real meditation is when put right hand to left hand on laps!

Linga is explicitly (leaving nothing to the imagination) form. Linga is complete pure form.
When complete accept Linga as "leaving nothing to the imagination" form open is enter in conciousness and deeper conciousness levels.

When follow point of Linga we haven't instruction and only through conciousness way we can continue. This is knowing as perfect or middle way in outside and inside practices.

Through complete consciousness union with Linga soul became cosciousness beyond all, because realized and lose bondage on each lower level experiences!

Complete consciousness union with Linga is perfect Mahakumbhaka (highest levels before any separation in conciousness).

Complete consciousness union with Linga is perfect Mahamoksha (highest levels totally freedom).

Complete consciousness union with Linga is Mahasiddha (highest levels realization in perfection).

Haven't nothing higher in teachings which not involved in relization unity with Linga, Guru (Divine Person Of Radiant Light), Jangama (Divine Person which live in body permanent with highest dynamic conciousnes) and Grace (Prasada).

God (His Shakti) never haven't any limit and have full potential and to enter in all and change each condition on the much much better.

Deepest Inside Is Conciousness

What is greatest then any word?
What is greatest then all world?
What is greatest then any peaceful moment?
What is greatest then any feeling moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any wiling moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any knowing moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any intuition moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any executing moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any union moment conciousness?
What is greatest then any gradation?

Conciousness is always One! This is God or realized soul. And Christ conciousness, and Father call this from past time.

May God Bless Your Soul with real knowing Linga