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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Highest Yoga (harmony) is part of God and soul

The Highest Yoga (harmony) is part of God and soul

All teachings in history have short lifes, only pure spirituality is real way of teaching - or soul's achievement fullness off harmony (yoga) through many reincarnations guide to Our Source (God or One Conciousness) as highest goal.
Be spiritual and not asking much outside, all is inside you.
Not follow other thinks, follow only own soul and find all!
Only your soul must all 'direct knows', not outside ways.
You (your soul) are 'complete on all ways', find this.

Highest Guru (God as Master) help soul in 'all doing through soul' - this is highest way in help and soul doing as One way.
Soul became same with Guru (God as Master), Linga (God) and Jangama (God as Divine Person Of Highest Dynamic Conciousness).
Entering in seventh level, or, level beyond all levels of conciousness, soul starting real live in One Conciousness, or on innumerable ways start live with God, and this is beyond all paradises.

Real saint collect the (divine) records of God (One Conciousness).
Saint who first enter in this divine process (jangama state) have longer and deeper records of God.
Each of this great souls which have the records of God have exact place in spirtual hierarchy - and all this great souls must go one level higher for make place for next soul which became youngest saint on lowest position.

Through The Highest Yoga soul created, and through The Highest Yoga soul became part of Our Source (God or One Conciousness).
The Highest yoga is divine way in recognized own nature as God's Nature.
The Highest Yoga have only one result, soul achieve own divine nature, or became small part of One Conciousness or God.
Only one point is crucial for each human soul, and this is the highest harmony which as part of God only can transform 'all outside conciousness moments' in fullness of purest conciousness of own soul as part of God.
Only through spiritual hierarchy God can show Self each soul, not other ways.
God is and The Highest  Harmony (Yoga) in all and with all.
The Highest Yoga (harmony) is part of God and soul.

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic