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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mantra 1.


I start today with this few informations about mantras which you can find on few web pages.

There are five elements in our body - Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. The seed mantra of Earth element is 'Lam'. Lam activates the Earth element located in the center of energy or shakti kendra which is the home of Apan pran. The practice of Lam affects the area of the heart and improves our health. Hram, Hrim, Hrum, Hraum and Hrah are seed mantras that are especially beneficial for strengthening of the lungs. A few key mantras are presented below:

Om Aim Om Namah – This enhances memory

Om Hrim Arham Namah – This enhances family peace.

Om Phum Kshvim Hrim Aim Namah Thah Thah Thah Svaha – This is chanted for a safe journey

Hrum Hrum – This helps overcome insomnia

Om Kshaum Kshaum – This relieves tension

Om Shante Prashante Sarvakrodhopashmani Svaha – This helps overcome anger

Om Hrim Shrim Arham Rishabhadevaya Namah – This helps overcome fear

Om Hrim Shrim Bhagavate Parshvanathaya Hara Hara Svaha – This relieves anxiety

Anantaviyebhyo Namah – This relieves despondency

Om Namo Ujjumaijinanam Hram Hrim – This helps in attaining mental peace

Om Hrim Arham Namah Kshim Svaha – This helps overcome obstacles

Om Hrim Vare Survare A Si Aa Si U Sa Namah – This bestows prosperity

I collect informations about more then hundred bija mantras all kinds, many thousands mantras, and this public in next articles.

One must be clear. You can use any mantra, but effect usually not follow your japa/praxis. Why? Secret is simple, with repeating mantra self-acting on any way (loudly, whisper or mental) soul haven't result, because soul must only personal receive Mantra Diksha (any group way initiation not exist, and not any book way initiation, and you must forget all this sources which spread this wrong informations). Off course with this wrong way few souls have many problems and many soul have little problems.

I am and spiritual healer and receive only extreme patients which nobody can help. People can have great psychic problems because repeating millions times mantra without initiation usually increase bad mind activities. Like sportsman which work on physical body (and today partial on the psychic body), soul which practice any spiritual technique (without valid initiation) haven't result in yoga (unity), only can increase energy which not harmonized bodies, chakras, mind and produces new karmic activities. Theirs minds only produce deeply bad thinking which became and fast, and this is base for all problems which follow.

Few basic rules of Mantra Diksha or mantra initiation:

Perfect meditation mantra praxis must complete harmonized and include both parts with many shiva (static form awareness) and many shakti (dynamic form awareness) bija mantras.

Initiation must be completed and with mantra and for each bija mantra.

Complete real invocation is crucial, or only real connection with Shakti pinda,..

Without God or total awareness which must be present in initiation soul can't receive complete all parts mantra initiation. If God not involved in imitation soul not receive (any level or complete) initiations.

When received initiation from individual soul (according Kashmir Shavism we have nine types Gurus), this will be maximum on one level lower then realized conciousness this individual soul.

Never can't give cash or nothing for initiation - and who ask nothing for initiation, and who giving nothing for initiation, go to hell. Only sattvic or pure way accept. Nobody can't go to God for cash dear, only to hell! Today this wrong practice (asking nothing for any spiritual purpose) very easy accept almost all, this is highest horror! Your love is only one way, and only what you must and can give God, Gurudev and Jangama!
Good matter in this is: only few souls can give real initiation, and this great souls not public, and not want (and not accept) your cash or nothing for initiation.

Have many levels in realization mantra. This is only one part of base for 218 levels (this teach me Gurudev) which open for complete God realization. I give few basic informations about this (you have first email about 36 samyamas in first level)!

Valid mantra Diksha is very important.

Excellent is when soul practices prayers with asking real Mantra Diksha.

I can help and with next spiritual praxis.
One very easy way for start with real spiritual praxis is repeating Mahamantra - He Prabho Praseed Aum - O God Bless Soul. I can give direct all informations about this International Circle of Praarthanaa Yoga (or Prayer Yoga which from fifty years last century is active). Off course, I have and permission for spread Praarthanaa Yoga!

My prayer now is:

May God Bless Your Soul With Full Mantra Diksha

- Mahapratibhawan