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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking, know and direct know conciousness as One Conciousness

Jambu Keshwarar

Looking, know and direct know conciousness as One Conciousness

Color or quality of lens directed quality of looking.

Maximum quality level of mind or intellect (which realized) can reflected only same or lover quality of know.

Achievement each concentration (meditation, Samadhi or ecstasy, samyama or higher concentration) of one of level conciousness is level of direct entering in this level of conciousness (for own soul).

Best lens is your soul.

Best color is 49 invisible rays which through divine dance 7 static and 7 dynamic principles of purest conciousness represent your soul (each soul is combinations different intensity of this 49 rays).

Best quality is direct entering in deeper and deeper levels of conciousness.

Best achievement is completed all 218 samyamas (higher concentrations).

Pure love is signing your nature.

Showing pure love is signing your realized quality of pure love.

Achievement each next level of pure love soul starts live in deeper soul life.

Best when purest love is signing your nature.

Best when through own purest love is open One Conciousness or God or Purest Love and Lower.

Best is achievement Purest Love.

Best is became Purest Love of any way.

May God Bless Your Soul

Branko Ivatovic


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