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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Few words through which soul try touching Truth

Few words through which soul try touching Truth
Ego through mind paraphrase Truth, but Soul direct know Truth.
Word and meaning without soul can't touch Truth.
Word and meaning which connected with Truth is higher conciousness moments.
Truth is higher then words and meaning, because give all, and all words, and all meanings.
All Truth can't given with words and meaning, because only very small part of Truth can involved in all words and all meanings.
Truth is higher then thinking without thoughts, but closer in thinking without thoughts, then in words and meaning.
Truth can first give and form beyond form, which connected with lower forms, and through thinking without thought make words and meanings.
Truth is only direct conciousness moment in all, all others is reflection of Truth,
Good reflection of Truth is always Truth, because always is immanent direct conciousness moment.
Bad reflection of Truth is not Truth. But!
Truth is all, and "not Truth" is Truth, because "not Truth about nothing" as direct conciousness moment is Truth.
Soul as creation Truth and Will, directed to Truth and His Will.
May God Bless Your Soul