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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Soul through God became One with God

Soul through God became One with God

Soul without God can't do anything.
Soul through God do good.
Soul without God can't live.
Soul through God became "One with God" in realized levels of fullness conciousness. (Not other ways!!!)
Soul's life without separation of God is soul's goal.

Haven't separation between soul and God for realized soul.
Soul only through many levels of fullness conciousness start live with God on many levels deeper and deeper.
Divine concentration or Shivayoga or meditation or prayer or yoga is way to God and God's doing.
God first show soul what must do, God must first give own meditation on Self each soul separately (or haven't group doing/initiation) and teach each soul of this Divine way of comeback to own nature or to Our Source.

May God Bless Your Soul

Branko Ivatovic



Truth is static Love - Love is dynamic Truth

Truth is static Love -  Love is dynamic Truth

Love is impuls of Truth.
Truth is result of Love.
Love show Truth.
Truth show Love.
Love give Truth.
Truth give Love.
Love quide to Truth.
Truth guide as Love.
Love is dynamic Truth.
Truth is static Love.
Love inseparate from Truth.
Love is Om.
Om is Truth.

Father is Truth, and Father is Love.
Mother is Truth, and Mother is Love.
Soul (Son) is Truth, and Soul is Love.
God's Will is Truth, and God's Will is Love.

God or Father, Mother, Son and His Will is Truth, and Father, Mother, Son and His Will is Love.

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic

What is much more beautiful (then all)

What is much more beautiful (then all)

First is giving all own purest love (purest feeling conciousness) to God (Our Source).
Second is giving all own purest life (purest willing conciousness) to God (One Conciousness).
Third is giving all own purest knowing (purest cognition conciousness) to God (Conciousness beyond Conciousness).

"Each soul's purest giving" Our Source (God) multiply through transformation this "divine rays of giving" in "Sun of giving rays".
Transformation of "purest rays of giving" in "Sun of giving" start through God's hand, head and heart.
Soul comeback in way when multiply own good actions (doing, thinking, speaking) as purest doing (without interfere with own ego,mind, intellect).

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic

Forth more beautiful is (giving) purest intuition conciousness.
Fifth more beautiful is (giving) purest execution conciousness.
Sixth more beautiful is (giving) purest union conciousness.
High beautiful is soul's way to Our Source (God).
Highest beautiful start in highest process yoga (harmonized) soul and God, or soul's comeback to Our Source (God).
Extreme beautiful involved in soul's comeback to God, which must be opposite of 6 deys God's creations.
(This is in short Shivayoga process which involved in all godrealizations).