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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chichchhakti is The Mental power, the power which generates thought!

("Thousands perfect results through Shivayoga practice")

Definition is:
Chichshakti - Shakti associated with Chit (eternal consciousness), Divine will of conscious power of God. Ichhashakti, Jnanashakti and Kriyashakti are the three parts. Chidbhakthi Bhakti.
Chichchhakti - Cicchakti (Sanskrit) [from chit thought + shakti power] Mental power, the power which generates thought.

When soul enter in deeper levels, then level realization this mental power, soul became near state of liberation or Moksha, but all this depend only of Paramparaguru's Grace which soul must first receive for achieve this mental power (and all what can potentially follow), and then can realized this mental power through truthful efforts (and all what can potentially follow).

All physical forms always have many levels and subtil physical vibrations, and this is (outside) sounds. All physical forms have physical radiation or reflection or absorption different energetic pulse. This is lights (infrared spectrum, visible spectrum, ultraviolet spectrum). This all vibrations conform or equal many thoughts, or each vibration have minimum one related thought!
Like this, inner sounds with inner lights is inner vibrations which produce inner spectrum, which is result different states thoughts of one or few chit shaktis or conciousness energies.
Like magnetic and electromagnetic fields which always in pairs and vertically live, Cicchakti can generate thought in vertically position, and then soul can enter in conciousness which is vertically to all (beyond space and time or moving). When soul can permanent reduce all disturbance (when this mental power with thoughts serve only this way in reducing disturbances), soul can enter deeper and deeper in highest levels of conciousness, and in same time accumulate this mental power.

All times when soul consciously learn how get vertically position on new form energy, soul can enter in deeper states of conciousness.

When soul operate with thoughts, each thought have and subtil vibrations (like subtil vibrations physical forms) which can produce disturbance always when soul live in conciousness states. This mental disturbance became operative only when mental power who produce thought have greater combinations chit shaktis then power chit shaktis in which can enter soul, or when thought have identical part vibrations with higher combinations chit shaktis in which can enter soul.

This outside vibrations (and lights) usually can disturb concentration, meditation samadhi or samyama states, because mind can became active with this physical impulses, and soul lose state of conciousness, or, soul get out from different conciousness states (in which live soul before this outside disturbance) when identify with thought about physical disturbance. Same valid and for mental disturbance (mental is deeper and not connected with physical levels), and same valid and for up mental level.

When complete realized all levels conciousness this disturbances can't have any effect and soul became liberated.

Disturbance can coming from this levels:

Physical level, and mental level of physical vibrations.
Physical level is physical vibrations. Mental level physical vibrations is mental vibrations physical level. Deeper is mental level physical vibrations from physical level, same valid and for conform vibrations. Feeling and willing state of conciousness, or awake conciousness contact outside with this levels.

Mental level without physical level, and mental level of mental vibrations without physical vibrations.
Mental level without physical level is mentals vibration without physical vibrations. Mental level of mental vibrations (without physical vibrations) is vibrations of mental level of mental vibrations without physical vibrations. Cognition and intuition state of conciousness, or sleep conciousness contact outside with this levels.

Level "up mental" level (when haven't mind activities), and level of vibrations level "up mental" level.
Level "up mental" level is vibrations of level "up mental" level. Level of vibrations level "up mental" level is vibrations level of vibrations level "up mental" level.
Execution and union state of conciousness, or deep sleep conciousness contact outside with this levels.

May God Bless Your Soul