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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three and half as Linga

Three and half as Linga

When have circle (usually we can on this symbolic way present God), we can make rotation through opposite points circle for 180 (half rotation), then have two circles when this two points touch direct through next rotation 180 (half). Now have two circle in one circle in one complete rotation from 360! In next rotation this circle we have four circles in one circle, and in next rotation we have eight circles in one circle. This three rotations and eight circles (each circle present principle of conciousness) in One circle is Highest Principle which as and Eight Principles in same time. Now is crucial point. We have half rotation more. What all time is static and complete inside, have dynamic form through which only we can know about this static. Simple saying is: last half rotation present inside as outside.
In three and half have all static principles conciousness, and outside dynamic form is three and half presentation same. This is exact Linga!

May Shambhu Bless Your Soul

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