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Monday, June 09, 2008

Sacred meaning of 108 As Number Divine Vibrations Of Divine Tetrahedron

Topic is meaning number 108.

Sacred meaning of 108 As Number Divine Vibrations Of Divine Tetrahedron

Sacred meaning of 108 as Number all independent Vibrations Of Perfect Tetrahedron on the Physical, Psychic, Sat-chit-ananda levels, and for Divine Tetrahedron

One very excellent and very beautiful meaning is: 108 ways guide to heart, or, on the 108 ways conciousness moment and conciousness stream open conciousness point, and then have potential for enter in conciousness.

One point in Three-Dimensional Space have three coordinates.
Each vibration of one point in Three-Dimensional Space definite with three points: first, middle and last, or 3x3= 9 coordinates.
Tetrahedron have 4 points, or 12 coordinates.
Each coordinate in Perfect Tetrahedron is independent and then vibration each coordinate present with 9 coordinates. 12 coordinates of four points, and 9 coordinates of vibration one point is 12x9 = 108. 108 present number vibrations one Tetrahedron. About physical we can have maximum 108 types experiences (108 bhuvanas).

Like Physical Tetrahedron we have Psychic Tetrahedron. Four different psychic moments make one Psychic Tetrahedron. Psychics Space have coordinate: tamas, rajas and satva. On the complete analog way 108 is total number vibrations of Psychic Tetrahedron in psychic space

When we lose lower nature and enter in Sat Chit Ananda or Higher Nature or in conciousness stream, then 108 is total number vibrations in Conciousness. Then lose Psychic and became Divine.

Four Divine points of God is: Father, Son, Mother and Divine Will (Lower Nature). This is Divine Tetrahedron which on analog way have 108 Divine Vibrations.
When complete recognized divine moment (enter in conciousness stream) in each of 108 vibrations we open for enter in Conciousness, which then can step by step completed.
This Divine Vibrations involved holy Linga, and help us through praxis Shivayoga.

Few sayings more about Truth as only one way:

Repeat mantra 108 times (minimum).
Earth is complete divine, all is divine, but each soul must alone recognized this (without higher Guru this is not open, because first through Guru's Grace soul must receive this as goal).
Way is from conciousness of Physical, Psychic, Sat-chit-ananda to total conciousness.
When each (from 108) coordinates is conciousness moment or conciousness stream, then only this is "one way".

May God Bless Your Soul With One From 108 Conciousness Way To God


Quotes about higher yoga - Shivayoga.

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