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Friday, August 08, 2008

Meeting With Almighty

Meeting With Almighty

1. Part of Bhakti (Kriya Shakti present as outside form of God's action or Almighty Love) - Bhakti state of Shivayoga

Higher Tears became fullness Happy Happiness (ananda or bliss) when finish with develop five concentrations of conciousness (dharana) of Body (feeling), Life (willing), Mind (cognition), Intellect (intuition) and "Possibility of any form" (execution state of conciousness). These processes start when finish with sixth stage concentration of soul as potential result this anandas. What we have now this is base for enter in deeper and deeper process through develop six meditations and samadhis (Samyamas or Divine concentrations).
Tears of Happiness as first full "conciousness avouchment" which realized through of base awake conciousness, which complete impregnate with Kriya Shakti.
Body, Life, Mind, intellect and "possibility of any form" haven't nothing in this Tears, because this five is outside forms of different rough filters of inner conciousness, but this Tears can do all and create, heal,.., each body, life, mind, intellect and "possibility of any form".
Like parachute mind is, when open then in function is, when have content then only very small part of soul live, because then can't have realization of much greater soul's part of conciousness. Mind isn't greater then full conciousness, and only present small part of conciousness.
Conciousness is One, and this coming through many steps or very exclusive in one complete step. Real nature in first 31 tatvas dramatically reducing conciousness as only small parts of One conciousness. This 31 type tears is only smallest parts or of happiness or of different type pain.
Only last five tatvas is present States of Tears Of Happiness. One way is, only through conciousness enter to conciousness. In this isn't any form pain, because in pure can't be impure (or better say in all conciousness not separation, but part of one conciousness is piece conciousness as result separation)! Impure exact meaning part of pure, or goal is recognized this, all is only part of One Conciousness.
Tears of Happiness is first state of integration conciousness to supra conciousness or turiyatita, through turiya or the fourth state beyond waking, dreaming and deep sleep; ever present and unchanging witness-Consciousness.
Shivayoga is base and of Taraka-Raja-Yoga system in India (Advayatarakoyoga Upanishad is one knowing source instructions).
Shivayoga is base and of doctrine "Taraka Brahman" (principle between Sarguna and Nirguna Brahman) and give enter in deeper regions of conciousness. Concept of Linga is highest knowing form and involved both, and Sarguna and Nirguna forms of conciousness.
Shivayoga is base and of Trataka Yoga which is best cleaning method in Ashtanga Yoga. Highest Trataka is Trataka of God or Linga or One Conciousness!
Shivayoga is base and of each Superior teaching of full conciousness and technique which give this highest yoga as result.
Shivayoga is complete represent Tandavan doctrine - Linga is exact this form of Eight principles of conciousness. Many good sadhakas (student Shivayoga) see Tandavan when look in Linga!
Shakti can't be separate from Shiva, this is crucial point, or Shiva is "Shakti and Shiva" at once (in each types time). Nothing without Shiva and each Shakti must accept this very simple truth as base for all. Shakti is only emanation of Shiva, like beautiful explanation about 16008 Krishna nadis as His 16008 Shaktis. Soul crucial static part is Shiva aspect (static conciousness or truth doctrine) which not separate from God Will or Shakti aspect (principle of dynamic conciousness).
Through States of Tears Of Happiness soul receive all divine benefits, and best health through complete pure conciousness life. Only through this direct divine way soul became complete supreme of all 36 tatvas.
Highest soul is beyond and conciousness separation on any way (this is and highest soul's divine potential)!
All ten principles conciousness of Doctrine 10 Avatars present in this process which start with opening States of Tears Of Happiness. First is Deepest One as base Our Source, and then through Grace open all next eight principles/states of conciousness.
Shivoham Shivoham Shivoham

He Prabho Praseed Aum (O God Bless Soul)
Om Namah Shivaya (All is God's and God)


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