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Friday, August 08, 2008

Divine Cutting

Now, I add few words about Divine Cutting!

Divine Cutting

Next words not only for you! I write you about my lifes and my living which gave me only good direction.
Good giving is good, but when people not changes, this people must wait much more then them thinking for good time for his spiritual lifes. This is next karma, which only through yoga can resolve, and this next karma is answer for this people.

We many times live with situation which always repeating, we give maximum heartily what can in this situations, but because nothing changes inside people (and this situation repeating much more then 490 times) we must break with our good efforts on this way with this people.

Divine Cutting is Distance with deeper love, and this is only one way for help self (soul) and other soul.

When I cut, I cut very fast with good only around my soul! I enter in these divine processes which give me in previously lifes my God, Gurudev and Jangama: Krishna Babaji, Mula Guru, Adi Guru, Master, Father, Christ, Mahaavatar Babaji, and this is Paramparashiva which lived many times on the Earth as Father and Son and Gurudev and Jangama!

Thanks Dearest for your permanent and supreme help and support and unsurpassed blessings.

With heartily greetings with Adriatic Sea


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