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Friday, August 08, 2008

Greatest of love

Few words about:

Greatest of Love

Soul must start from scratch living complete without any link in each moment of life.
You probably know truth, but you always must go in next stages through many small steps on this way.
Not good connection with past, and this is good result of soul real life school, soul always must try and start live in now, or in pure conciousness, or became like perfect phoenix in each situation which is only fire (which never can't touch soul).

Absolute love nobody can't destroy and make smaller.

Love is like Divine Wood, which nobody can't destroy, and after each fire wood became greater, and not only as Phoenix born again and again, Love each time became much powerful beyond all words and all action can't touch Love, which is always superior any action.

And after any woodman action Divine wood only became thick-set and much more beautiful then any idea.

Only on this way is acceptable truth about love.

May God Bless Your Soul


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