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Friday, September 05, 2008

Truth and Will

Short about topic:

Truth and Will

Only one goal is: subject and object became same, all involved only in One Conciousness where haven't distinction between "highest level static state of conciousness" or truth, and "highest dynamic presentation about all this truth" (highest shakti principles which not separable from own source).

Principle Of Highest Dynamic as fastest principle of conciousness can't separated from Deepest Static Principles Of Conciousness.

Principle Of Deepest (Highest) Static State of Conciousness is source Principle of Deepest (Highest) Dynamic State Of Conciousness.

Principle Of Truth, involved expression this Truth (or part of Truth) on each level.

Principle Of Truth as One is enough, because One became source all through Second (which is only expression of One).

One is (became) Two.

Lingaangasamarasya or Shivajivaaikya.

This complete deepest natural way living with Our Source, involved in Shivayoga practice through simplest gazing in three types Lingas: Kriya, Prana and Maha!

May God Bless Your Soul


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