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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Follow only God, not unrealized Gods, Goddesses and Gurus

Follow only God, not unrealized Gods, Goddesses and Gurus

Dear All,

Never pay anything for spirituality, because who ask or pay go to hell - cash never can't be greater or equal (or in any relation) then God!
Only God not asking and expect anything from soul, from all others you must follow karma. In this group is many Gods, Goddesses, Gurus, because truth is: only few godrealized Gods, Goddesses and Gurus we have.

Only godrealized Guru (only real Paramguru, Satguru, Master) is valid teacher to God, and which never get nothing for this greatest service.

God or Paramashiva or Lord Shambhu or Master is first Gurudev (Mula Guru, Adi Guru) and without His help others Gurus can't help soul in complete achieve on each step of spiritual realization.

Only God is real owner each part of creation, but He never get anything from anybody, because He is and giving, giver and gift, and soul can deepest accept this in own conciousness through very simple way which initial start is with mental repeating "Om Namah Shivaya" in process when gazing Linga (or God), or practice Shivayoga technique.

Shivayoga process through identification (union) with God or Linga, or process where soul heartily giving own mind God, have greatest result and soul became similar with giving, giver and gift.

Life and spirituality became Great when soul give all God, and then God real guide soul. Why you not follow this simplest way?
Always simplest truth is: God never take up anything from anybody (only through His Grace help soul for resolve bad points).
Own ego is very dangerous evil if you thinking on the other way about this.

Surrender only to God is goal, and then God guide!

May God Bless your Soul

Jai Shambhu

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