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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doctrine Infinity Element

Doctrine Infinity Element

Yes, dear soul, next is complete correct.

Pure love is best: and medicine, and base for meditation, and for any good think.

Through my spiritual healing and helping in yoga (more then 20 years doing this free of charge), I can speak through self experiences, but base have in my Gurudev's teachings. One very old theory exist (this became secret because people lose this crucial knowledge).

This is Doctrine Infinity Element. Have many infinity elements: and logical, and intellectual, and up this which is only crucial.

Simplest rule (rules) is in next!

Crucial is: all is categorized, and highest ideas which can't accept intellect.

We must only start do one think (in every next moment our life): start permanent live with this ideas which is up our intellect.

All have strictly hierarchy, and this Highest Ideas (which always up every intellect accepting), such and souls which complete realized this highest different levels which indicated this ideas!

Soul became through higher ideas which implement in life, like this highest souls which give soul support only through this ideas.

Only "good" terms like soul, God, love, good, ethic, truth, bhakti, devotion, consciousness, conciousness, samyama, awareness, perfect character, ahimsa, grace and similar can open and awake soul on higher levels on conciousness.

Sickness is only actual outside indication for change character on the better, and can't be any real conviction! Soul usually have 1000 reincarnations for finish with change character through all levels to perfect character. With intensive practice Doctrine Infinity Element this time became shortest, and all this soul can finish in one or few lifes, of course this result is open only through Master's love!

All real teachings is only part of Doctrine Infinity Element!

May prayer is:

May God Bless Your Soul With Direct Knowing One Of Infinity Element
He Prabho Praseed Aum


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