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Thursday, March 13, 2008

How do I find my Guru?


Topic is:
How do I find my Guru?

Soul wait many traps when mental want find Guru.
Good is if next words soul complete heartily accept as truth, each opposite soul's thinking became potentially dangerous for souls (with very bad result through new bad karma).

Guru wait soul, never Guru must search devotee.
Devotee never can't find Guru, this complete depend only of Guru love.
Without sign Guru's love soul can start with permanent doing only good. First the meeting point between Guru and devotee is this crucial moment in soul life.

When soul ready for teaching, Guru coming in His home, or Guru arrange through one of soul interest (and) first the meeting point (of course and all next)!

As usually nobody can't find Guru.
Soul who without direct support Guru love find Guru, must be greater or minimum same with this type Guru!

Only perfect devotee can find perfect Guru, because only this the meeting point is complete divine, and only few times in history have this the meeting point! Guru usually many lifes wait only one great devotee. First the meeting point between perfect Guru Animisha and perfect His devotee Alama Prabhu is excellent example for this!

If soul only want and only insist in self-finding Guru, soul find Guru which not much greater from soul, or in many cases Guru is lower, because soul must first purify this egoistic character (of course this result can have and when not follow this text).
If soul ask miracle as good sign, this is very wrong way. Sahasrara connected with many siddhis. Sahasrara (and siddhis based in sahasrara) is higher then lower six chakras and theirs siddhis. Sahasrara is only causal worlds which is very dangerous and where dominant negative power. Soul must know next: yoga start up sahasrara. Usually today Guru have few siddhis this chakras.
If Guru want publicity, spread books, ask cash for spiritual, and similar actions, soul can only forget this Guru.
Usually Guru which public show siddhis have very difficult life and karma, and can't have realized devotee.
If Guru ask cash, or nothing, annul this Guru as potential your Guru.
If Guru show ego tendency, this is very bad sign.
If Guru haven't love for you or any His devotee, you can only forget this potential Guru.
Guru never expect anything from anybody!
Guru must have qualification for higher yoga, because yoga start from sahasrara chakra up!
If Guru your (potential) Guru is great Guru, this is usually not sign about greatness your (potential) Guru. This is trap for soul in much more then 99.99% cases.
Remember, Guru your (potential) Guru can be only your real Guru, not this His devotee which became new Guru! Guru Lineage, and first former is always Guru all next Gurus and devotees! Guru is One - valid for all, and for all Guru lineage. Our Source or God is One, and as Our Master is One!
All Gurus which change yoga, have yoga for new age, new yoga, .. and similar syntagma only you can forget.
Guru which change techniques which receive from Guru (without direct help and request from Guru) only can forget. (Because.) Guru which greater then His Guru not good for any deep teaching.
Guru must have and show all divine qualities.

If you have fortune and find real Guru, He can accept you and teach you, or send you your real Guru which can do all this. This is very good sign if know this type Guru (of course and with all previous good qualities). And this fortune soul can receive only through Guru's Grace (your Guru).

Each soul can have only related Guru.

I try only help for better accept your position through my understanding teachings my Gurudev. I incorporate many Gurudev's saying in this short article.

You can only test Guru, but (not forget) result test is only for annul potential Guru with your list (all Gurus which you know live and dead). Your test can't have qualify for determination which is your Guru, only for annul with list..

Guru is in your heart (conciousness space) and wait each soul eons, and wait you soul dear friend. Not ask Guru in form, try find Guru deepest inside your conciousness. One day you accept Divine Personal Radiant Light as your Guru, which only can give you unity with Linga, Guru, Jangama and Prasada through Guru Love, which gradually through deepest levels inner sound and light discovers fulness this unity.

I am not Guru (I have permission for Linga Diksha), but only when you heartily want I can direct give all basic informations for this excellent praxis (Shivayoga and Praarthanaa yoga). When your praxis became full love, your Guru coming first in your conciousness, and you start listen inner sounds and see inner lights.

With your good efforts you can only properly fill time in waiting your Guru, which love only can remove thousand your reincarnations on few (or last).

My prayer is:

May Lord Shambhu Bless Your Soul With Guru


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

indeed guruji..... It is indeed guru's love that a soul finds a guru.
u r blessed u found ur guru.
i am anxiously awaiting the moment i meet my guru...
thanks a lot for the calmness generated in this post.
seeking your blessing,