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Friday, April 07, 2017

O God Bless soul with all love

O God Bless soul with all love

O God what is the purest soul feeling with purest outside actions?
O God what is purest soul willing with purest outside tendency?
O God what is purest soul cognition with purest outside knowledge?
This is only sign your Love which lives inside the soul and became soul source.
Thanks are and God's word, only when thanks have real meaning.
Thanks are much greater if permanent live like inner sound "thanks", and when usually follow each outside and inside situation.
Thanks are much greater when soul can't say and think about this on any way, or when permanent usually present in each soul action.
And greatest thanks is "Thank God for all".
O God Bless Soul With This State.
Only then Soul can always real thanks
You for each soul's moment and for all.
Then each (soul's) Namaskar You and each soul became greatest.
Then each Your next darshan became greater.
Then open all, and then Your permanent darshan became soul life.

Thanks God for all!

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