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Saturday, November 21, 2009

With Guru all best coming for your soul

With Guru all best coming for your soul

Only purest conciousness beyond form can help soul in achievement all conciousness in form and beyond form.
Purest conciousness as Divine Radiant Personal Light is Guru (Master).
Conciousness way is only one way, used heart or conciousness place when can transform lower in pure conciousness through Grace of Gurudev.

Without God haven’t Guru and Jangama.
Without Jangama haven’t God and Guru.
Without Guru Soul can't find own soul
Without Guru Soul can't achieve Jangama state or state of divine dynamic conciousness beyond all levels of pure conciousness, and this is highest goal for soul, or state of Divine Son which same with Father.
Only as Jangama soul can enter in union conciousness with God and Guru.

God, Guru and Jangama are soul realization through purest union conciousness.
Linga (God), Guru and Jangama is One Conciousness.
Soul is in achievement union with Linga (God), Gurudev and Jangama.
Without Guru Soul can't find God.

Finds, your soul, Our Source, Gurudev (Master) and Perfect Soul (Jangama), or finds divine life in unity.
With Guru all best coming for your soul.

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic

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