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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Start living with Grace of your inner Guru which is beyond form

Start living with Grace of your inner Guru which is beyond form

Mainly opposite thinking of usually give result in finding spiritual direction, because people mostly wasted connection with Truth accepting partial and outside and wrong meaning about many topics.
Not follow usually meaning and doing and tradition rules, try find much valued meaning in each thought, and only then can find real Guru inside you, because this became only signs of many helps your Guru.
Guru wait you many your reincarnations and wait to show you His own nature beyond form, and help you through Grace.
If you find Guru this is almost bad choice, because you can't be higher then Guru and haven't any valid criteria for this.

Not seek your Guru, real Guru coming when you start with heartily finding Our Source (God).
Follow pure conciousness this is spiritual life.
Initiation is real only if God present and only God as Guru (Gurudev) give Initiation.

Who ask and pay for God's property or God’s doing (as what is and Initiation), go to hell.

What all need give you God, and never pay for way to God. (Never pay for spirituality).

When haven't difference in doing, knowing, soul and Absolute, you know purest self.
With follow absolute doing (Divine Plan) soul haven't side effects (sin, karma).
Best when soul achieve outside doing, knowing doing, best doing and absolute doing as one doing.
One is Our Source and You.
Became One, this is you.
You must direct accept where is your position, one is your outside knowing pure self, one is level your realization own soul, one is divine qualities your pure soul, one is Absolute soul - and best when achieve "direct knowing" or became One Conciousness with this all.

Through own heart (conciousness space) find own soul, and find inside your soul real Guru which help you in this spiritual process.

Start living with Grace of your inner Guru which is beyond form.
Start living with Grace of your real Guru which is beyond form.

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic

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