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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soul is beyond thinking

Soul is beyond thinking

Thinking is mostly outside doing with thoughts and without.
Thinking is almost connection with corresponding part of creation, or reflection.
Always wrong doer (enjoyer in mostly thinking) wasted own position in higher parts creations and fall to lowers parts of creations.
Thinking without reality is wrong.
Thinking without achievement observer position is mostly dangerous.
Best is all doing in pure conciousness, or without interaction with thinking.

Be conciousness always and when thinking.
Be conciousness always and when thinking without thoughts.
Who believed and not know God, not believed, and must first remove wrong believe, and then can achieve base of believe.
Who not believed not know God, and haven’t wrong believe for remove, and can (maybe from one day) achieve base of believe.
Best is say mostly all which believed in God, "God not exist", and best say mostly all which not believed, “God exist”, because Truth is always greater then own position (this people) in achievement truth regarding existence of God.
Best believe is when achieved direct know, or, I not believe I know, God exist.

Complete is 36 tatvas or essential nature of thinking, best choice is 5 pure tatvas, or when thinking became part of conciousness.
Best when all became part pure conciousness, or when all know as reflections of One Conciousness.
Soul haven't side effects when all doing through 5 pure tatvas.
Soul have choice supervise one from 36 tatvas, and best when this doing through 5 pure tatvas, or with 5 different levels of conciousness.
When you allow different thinking, one of level of silence became your position.
When you allow different truth then you know, you have open way to conciousness and Truth.

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic

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