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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Conciousness is beyond all principles of conciousness

One Conciousness is beyond all principles of conciousness

Beyond each principle of conciousness is One Conciousness.
Through part of conciousness can't direct know whole conciousness, and only valid opposite as way.
Only through Whole Conciousness direct know about all parts of conciousness.
Knowing reality of reflection is direct knowing this reflection as reflection of One Conciousness, or as one part of One Conciousness manifold expansion.
Reality is part One Conciousness.

Bath in divine energy is soul way to own nature.
Living on many levels and enter in pure conciousness is soul doing.
Finding source of reflection is soul nature.
Enter in pure conciousness follow through Gurudev giving.
Achievement each level of pure conciousness follows through Gurudev giving.
Completing all (which open from Gurudev) levels of pure conciousness is realization soul nature.

God is always deepest and between two conciousness stream.

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic

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