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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Soul has only yoga or harmony as doing

Soul has only yoga or harmony as doing

Yoga or harmony is supreme action for soul.
Inseparable is finding God with finding own soul.
Conciousness is One, or this is God, and inseparable is finding God with finding own soul.
Soul achieve own nature when finish with yoga on all steps.
Finishing yoga is finding complete own nature.
Soul has only yoga as doing.
Soul way is doing yoga or harmony with each level of conciousness, through many inseparable statics and dynamics states of conciousness.
Without dynamic can’t touch or direct know static state which emanates this dynamic state of conciousness.
When yoga became only part of your life you finding and God and own soul.
Yoga is and own nature of God and soul.
Only soul's efforts give all soul, because God advance give soul each own effort as God's action, and this is act of yoga or harmony.
When part of One Conciousness complete self as part One Conciousness, became free of all parts conciousness in which involved on any way.

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic

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