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Sunday, November 29, 2009

All comes from One Conciousness

All comes from One Conciousness

In conciousness haven't duality, own soul follow only this.
Nature of all as part of One Conciousness is, part of direct creation, or part reflection of one part of One Conciousness.
Only from pure conciousness coming and going all lower parts (reflections) of conciousness.
One conciousness is completing (perfect) unique and this is Our Source.
You must all direct know (live in one conciousness) and only then haven't side effects.
Soul lives in One Conciousness as complete unique.

All comes from One Conciousness.
Soul is and personal part of One Conciousness, but conciousness never amorphous form likes idea of group conciousness.
Group doing is one type in our living, but haven't nothing with group conciousness, because conciousness is always one.
In same time God always directed (connected) only one soul (One conciousness not double off course), try all doing only on this valid way.
Group conciousness, group initiations, and all similar doing soul can't accept, this is very far of valid doing and reality.

May God Bless Your Soul
Branko Ivatovic

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