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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Highest Greatness in love.

Highest Greatness in love.

When expect love, we usually not find love.
Love haven't anything with asking, asking God's love is only usual from God.
If you have love as per somebody, usually this soul haven't love as per you.
Only from God we all time have love.
Love never accept compulsion, love only can give full freedom person which we love, when we real love.
We only in love can sincerely accept what this person want.
Love stay with you and very good if you share with somebody, and of course in usually cases when (somebody) can't return you any love. This is greatness in love.

Only love can give all and when this is only impossible.

Through giving and heart involved in love, we must start teaching self complete about this pure giving.

Complete free giving love is highest greatness in love, and this is purest Love!

May God Bless Your Soul


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