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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Love as

Love as

Love as sex is complete degradation, sex in love is only good way but extremely dangerous 'in each moment' when lose love.

Love as product thoughts is life full short intellectual enjoy and deep pain.

Love as product heart (pure conciousness) is fullness of life.

Love as friendship is real bases all relation.

Love as life relation is great but very difficult for achieve in life.

Love as love is pure love without asking, expecting and accepting, pure love only is purest giving from heart (pure conciousness) and soul.

Love as love is pure love and great for share from heart and soul.

Love as pure love is best for doing and living.

Love as pure love is way to own soul.

Love as purest love is own soul and God inside soul.

In pure can't be impure, but in impure is pure (impure which disappear as impure).

And commentary can be writing and in one of this few love.

Use heart (pure conciousness or pure love) not outside heart (intellect) is much better way, because this is pure love way.

As light have intensities, and as vibrations have intensities, and love have intensities in this world.

May God Bless Your Soul

Branko Ivatovic


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful exposition so lucidly conveyed.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful picture it is.