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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Divine Record of God

Divine Record of God

Who direct know God never can't finish with direct knowing, and always when stopped seeking lose direct knowing God!

Divine Record (knowing direct God) only can become longer, and this is soul divine life.

God never can't be complete open for soul, because if this valid soul is greater then God.

Soul always have next step, and never end in direct knowing God, because this is God nature.

God can always take by surprise soul with new deeper knowing God.

God expansion as soul direct knowing is greater and beyond any thinking without thought.

Great Souls can comeback to lower regions through one of principle of conciousness which not complete resolve, and this doing only with purpose for helping others through this way.

Soul can lose own soul when permanent prefer any principle of conciousness then own Soul, through principles Love and Peace this doing only two Saints – Jesus and Basava!

Only when soul permanent lose all principles, or when nothing is double, or when all is one conciousness (or when perfect realized advaita state), soul became one with God.

Thanks Gurudev for Your Greatest Love!

May God Bless Your Soul

Branko Ivatovic

This is and short commentary of saying:

Winner is only that which never stopped seek God.

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