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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is love, isn't it?

This is love, isn't it?

Sharing pure love is best action, isn't it?
Heart is full pure love, and beautiful when can touch and share this, isn't it?
Pure love is endless spring, and best bath in love, isn't it?
Bliss (ananda) is pure love-fall which is soul nature, isn't it?
All pure love is God-fall which always flow to Our Source, isn't it?
All pure love is God-fountain overflow to Our Source, isn't it?
All pure love is God's love which permanent circulate between Our Source and all, isn't it?
Unending love is millionth part of infinite love-fall, isn't it?
Infinite love-fall is millionth part of termless love-fountain, isn't it?
Termless love-fountain is millionth part of deepest love-river, isn't it?
Deepest love-river is millionth part of formless love-spring, isn't it?
Formless love-spring is millionth part of soul, isn't it?
Soul is formed from 49 (7x7) invisible rays where 7 involved love, isn't it?

Our Source create soul with seven dimensions of love, isn't it!
May God Bless Your Soul

Quote about: conciousness, Pure love (unconditional), or bhakti, or when purest feeling became pure devotional, or soul, or drinking amrita, or Piyushayoga (Shivayoga), or Our Source.

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