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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Perfect Soul Is Total Awareness!

Perfect Soul Is Total Awareness!

Soul not follow any tradition.
Soul only can follow what is same in any tradition.
Soul follow heart (pure consciousness) activities.
Soul only follow pure consciousness way.
Soul never touch outside levels because in consciousness haven't any distinction between object and knowledge about object.
Soul is perfect in untouchable working because not separation (in consciousness) idea about thing of work and idea working on this thing.
Soul usually is between total awareness and outside consciousness (waking, sleep, deep sleep consciousness).
When complete finish with develop all levels consciousness (first became soul of waking, then sleep and last soul of deep sleep consciousness) soul became perfect.
Perfect Soul Is Total Awareness, because then haven't any wall between Soul and Our Source!
This is end, or highest last point which is and first.
Now not start, not end, not first, not last, not any word or any separate idea in consciousness, this is start with levels beyond hyper consciousness.
All what for brilliant mind is known, and all what for brilliant intellect accept as unknown, soul always beyond this.
Soul never can be mater mind and intellect, because awareness can't put in mind and intellect.

- Mahapratibhawan

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