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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happy Maha Shivaratri!

Dear seeker truth,

Emails with subject "Chakras", "Paltu_Saheb_1 " and "Re: [sant_santati] Unravel the Fourteen Inner Levels Within You .." involved information about main chakras.

Today we lose as truly meaning yoga, Guru and religion base, because lose knowledge about our real nature. Only few Gurus which not public can help us. About urdhva chakras, urdhva kundalinis, purna kundalini and kick kundalini (which give us direct experiences of God) teach us only few souls in human history.

Yoga start up sahasrara is saying our Father, or Christ consciousness, or Babaji Mahaavatar, or Krishna Babaji, or Ansha, or Real Shiva.which live and in body and never born, or Avatar in all main avatars. Master always with us. Master is here. Please, try find Father in your heart (consciousness space - "urdhva anahata chakra"), He always wait each soul which heartily ask His help. Surrender with Love or Our Father is simplest and only valid way. He is God, Gurudev, Jangama and deepest God Grace.

He is all and in All is First and base!

Father many times and through activities His body help us, teach us and through many great souls send us power and knowledge about all. Shiva is Greatest One and He is permanent in all. His Love is part and our creation and our life. We complete in each our level is only part of Shiva Love.

Repeating Om Namah Shivaya is easy way, direct surrender God, direct accepting all is God's and God. And one only one truthfully repeating this holiest mantra is enough. Please start repeating and try find this One repeating with your all love, and Shiva give you much greater love. This is easy and only real way. Thanks dear soul.

Happy Maha Shivaratri!


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