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Monday, March 10, 2008

Glory Of Love

Glory Of Love

God permanent giving love each soul, but usually soul can't recognized love on any conciousness way, or have very short time this pure love, or start permanent live with God's love, what is enter in great realization of Enlightenment.

God love all, but God for truthfully love can give soul always much greater love then for any other way.

Always and immediately, God give soul love and this depend only of capacity love which can receive soul, and this capacity must before receive through God's Grace!

God's Grace is complete, permanent and multiply giving love soul, and all which connected with soul and help for completed and enter deeper in intensive levels love.

Only one is absolute sure, which love soul have before dead time, minimum with this love soul reborn again and again! (Off course Soul can receive much more love when go through bardo states and when enter in new etherical and physical body). Only few souls enter in paradise, only when realized conciousness about love or Enlightenment state.

May God Bless Your Soul With Much More Love

- Mahapratibhawan

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