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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Soul haven't any ownership!

Soul haven't any ownership!

Each body have only one owner, this first owner is and only last owner. You never be owner any your body. You real haven't any body in any life.Physical body from Earth and you must return Earth!
You have only temporary earthly body. You, and eat, and drink, and breath ,and change many atoms on this way. And you get energy from many inorganic and organic form, and spiritual form, and all this must be return all owners!
Next and very crucial point is: your parents "give" you body and serve "your" body. You must return and for this "your" body two bodies and serve two bodies. This is karma/sin/action level. This is valid all time for each life and body.Only several Gurus can real help. Soul have advance next 7 mothers and 7 fathers (and many in previously lifes). All involved must be satisfied and receive what you must be return them. This is usually impossible for soul and many Gurus! Many Gurus haven't and ideas and divine power for truly help soul.

Other side soul river is this divine choice:
Soul can have (from one day) and Divine Body ( Atma Body - Vyomakaya Body) which depend of truly efforts through blessings for this divine achievement!

Best when God give all, and then must all return only God!
Best when serve God on many His ways!

Thanks Gurudev for this knowledge!

May God Bless Your Soul


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