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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is it possible to see God or Goddess with human physical eyes?

Topic is:

Is it possible to see God or Goddess with human physical eyes?

1.Result only depend of power (realized development stage of opening the Third Eye) od Soul which is observer and of Soul which is object observation.

OR (few times through different words)!

2.Soul can see with physically, etericaly or intuitional eyes or probably can start observe with any next stage in process the opening the Third eye if attain this level (and temporary).Soul can show its physically, etericaly,.. shape if have complete power for this.


When Soul see any level creation, he must have open Third Eye for this level (he must temporary receive this possibility if haven't this power). Of course with physically eyes Soul can see only physically level, with eterical eyes we can see eterical (levels) and probably physical if have power for this (complete power have if develop all steps which is in connection between physically with etericaly levels).


Soul can see any shape from any Divine Soul when have power for (create and) see this shape or any possibility for receive temporary this power.
When Great Soul or Divine Soul want show any its shape he must have power for this shape and for give power for observation this level and shape.

May God Bless Your Soul


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