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Monday, January 21, 2008

I have borne the five internal fires. Now I will withstand the five external fires also.

Topic is:

"I have borne the five internal fires. Now I will withstand the five external fires also."

Many meanings have this vakya, but deep is:

This ia and short commentary according vachana "Pentagram" Akka Mahadevi!

0. God and Soul

1. Divine Mind
2. Super-Mind
3. Innermost loneliness of my heart (inner mind)
4. Inward space of my mind
5. Mind

Five shirts soul have (each have mind and eye)! Soul can produce any part of shirt or not!
When haven't karma Soul have real choice, be like God or live separate and produce karma!

Soul have four deads. First is when dead physical body, then eterical and next when dead causal body (last is 4th when dead any idea about life with separate actions - soul leave in union with God). When haven't karma soul causal body is clear! Depend of actions soul can lose causal body which is source 5 minds or 5 shirts.

For "perform God" or Godrealization we can penetrate and Third Eye through levels 1. - 5. or only Soul Soul look - Atmanam Atmanam vidhi!

Creation start from 0. to 6. In inverse order is our comeback or Divine way for Soul.
Depend of soul actions, soul can produce new karma or live without karma!

Theory five reflections - Kashmir Shaivism doctrine look!

Five agni real meaning five type Kundalinis, but I can't give you any information about this because many Gurus haven't any real knowledge about any kundalini and chakra up shasrara chakra and because this is secret now! Only your Gurudev can give direct you more informations! In this context author probably haven't any knowledge about this!

Awaking, sleep and deep sleep state of conciousness, then turiya and turiyatita is five steps in which soul can live without karma! This is internal fires!
Soul can live without karma in this 5 types conciousness with many forms when haven't attachments for this form is 5 external fires.
When soul achieve perfect balance inside conciousness, he live external without attacments!

I am hope, you find complete answer in heart when read this informations.

May God Bless Your Soul


1 comment:

Mahapratibhawan said...


"As soon as the Radiant God Personality laid His hand down on my head, my secular bondage disappeared. He made me similar to Himself. Look! He manifested Himself eliminating the difference between Himself and myself. He laid the Majestic God Form, Mahalinga, from the Palm of His Hand on the palm of my hand. He placed the Majestic God Form of the palm of my hand in the inward space of my mind. He placed the Majestic God Picture of the inward space of my mind in the innermost loneliness of my heart. He placed the Majestic God Picture of the innermost loneliness of my heart in my super-mind, in the radiant reflection of my inner mind. He placed the Majestic God Picture of my super-mind into the superconciousness so the Divine Light moistened my body on the outside and on the inside. This is the Work of my Supernal Lord Chenna Malikarjuna."

Shree Guru tamma hastava tamdu
yenna mastakada mele eerisidagale
Yenn bhawam nastiaayitu ! yenna tamnatte maadida !
Yenage-tange terahilladante maadi toridanu noda !
Tanna karastaladallida maha lingawanu
Yenna karasthaladalli murtigondida!
Yenna karasthaladalli maha lingawanu
Yenna manasthaladali murtigondida!
Yenna manasthaladali idda maha lingawanu
Yenna bhavasthaladali murtigondida!
Yenna bhavasthaladali idda maha lingawanu
Yenna gyana staladali murtigondida!
Yenna gyana staladali idda maha lingawanu
Yenna sarwanga dolhorage terahilladalawadisida
Namma gurulingadeva Chennamallikarjuna

Akka Mahadevi